7800 South &

New Bingham Highway Construction

Project Manager David Murphy

May 2020 Update

Crews will be on site Thursday, May 28 and Friday, May 29 to complete collar work and installing curbs, traffic symbols, and crosswalks.

Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30 crews will be on site striping on the east side of 4000 West, west side of the airport intersection, and the north side of the airport intersection.

Traffic control will be there helping to keep cars moving. Thank you for your patience!

7800 S. Widening Project – milling, and asphalt placement scheduled – please plan alternate routes.

Beginning Thursday May 14, crews will start lowering manholes in preparation of milling on Saturday, May 16th. 

Milling grinds the asphalt down to prepare for final asphalt placement (think of it like scraping off the burned layer of your toast before spreading the butter.)

Areas being milled include: 

- 4000 W from 8000 S. to 7800 S.

- 7800 S. and 4000 W. intersection

- Intersection of 7800 S. and Airport Rd.

- Section of New Bingham Hwy. where the road transitions from Airport Rd. to 7800 S.

Asphalt placement is scheduled to begin Sunday, May 17. 

Drivers may encounter lane shifts, single-lane traffic in each direction, and flaggers. Crews ask that you please avoid the area.

04/23/2020 - 3-DAY ROAD CLOSURE ALERT:

When: Monday, April 27, through Wednesday, April 29.
Where: 4000 W. southbound will close at 7800 South.
Why: The closure will accommodate storm drain line work that will take place in the southbound lane of travel.

Crews are asking that you please use alternate routes:
-Eastbound will detour to southbound Bangerter then W on 9000 So.
-Westbound 7800 Will detour to southbound 4800 W then east on 9000 So.
-Southbound Jordan Landing Blvd can detour to either Bangerter or 4800 W.

Thank you for your patience and please drive safely!

Due to unexpected utility conflicts, the storm drain work being done on 4000 W, 7800 S is being extended to

Saturday, May 2.



Please continue to avoid the area and use the detours listed here. 
Thank you for your patience!

April 2020 Update


04/22/2020 - Signal Change Notice

Crews will be doing overnight work to install new traffic lights on 7800 S. 4000 W. They will begin work April 22 at 9 PM. The lights are expected to be up and running by Thursday morning (April 23) at 6 AM.

Police will be on scene overnight helping direct traffic, as only one lane will remain open in all directions.

March 2020 Update

Construction is starting up again on the 7800 South project. Drivers will begin seeing delays and closures on Monday, March 9. Crews are adding a lane to the west side of 4000 West and Jordan Landing Boulevard at the intersection of 7800 South.

The existing asphalt in that intersection will be removed and replaced. New traffic signal poles will be installed and a final lift of asphalt will be laid at 4000 West and Airport Road. Final striping and medians will be placed along the road. Crews advise drivers to use an alternate route. Work is expected to be complete in the summer of 2020.

November Update

Phase 2 of the project is mostly complete.  Traffic can currently travel both eastbound and westbound on 7800 South between 4000 West and Airport Road. In spring 2020 the roadway will receive the final 2 inches of asphalt, striping and manhole raising.  It should take approximately one month to complete this work.

Phase 3 will begin in spring 2020 and take approximately two months. This phase will build new lanes on Jordan Landing Boulevard and 4000 West.  A right turn lane will be added on the Jordan Landing Boulevard side (northwest corner), and a new acceptance lane on the 4000 West (southwest corner).  

September 26 Update

On Friday, September 27 there will be new traffic control patterns at 7800 South 4000 West / Jordan Landing Blvd., 7800 South Airport Road, and New Bingham Highway at Airport Road.

Phase 2 of the project has been completed, where both eastbound and westbound traffic can travel on 7800 South between 4000 West and Airport Road.

To complete Phase 3 of the project, eastbound New Bingham Highway (NBH) from Airport Road to 4000 West must be closed for approximately 3 weeks for the contractor to construct the new road that will link NBH and 7800 South.  Eastbound NBH traffic will turn left onto Airport Road (north), then turn right (east at 7800 South.  View map.


Phase 3 of the project will take place in the Spring of 2020, which will build the new lanes on 4000 West.  That work will add a right turn lane on the Jordan Landing Boulevard side (northwest corner), and a new acceptance lane on the 4000 West (southwest corner).  This work may take up to three months due to long lead times for the traffic signal installation.

Construction Update 08/21/19

New sidewalk, curb and gutter, utilities and landscaping are currently in various stages of completion.  In preparation for a new traffic pattern after Labor Day, the contractor will be paving during non-peak hours a section of the 7800 South roadway which will allow for two travel lanes heading westbound to be used.


After Labor Day the traffic pattern will shift with two lanes of westbound traffic on 7800 South. Two eastbound lanes of traffic will remain on New Bingham Highway but will shift south towards the existing curb. New temporary lane striping will be added. 


This new traffic pattern will allow the contractor to complete road construction in the middle of the road at the intersection of 4000 West and 7800 South.

Construction Update 7/25/2019

The 7800 South Widening & Realignment of New Bingham Highway project consists of three phases that are scheduled to take place over the course of 300 workdays. This includes the construction of 7800 South in two directions between 4000 West and Airport Rd, a new connection from New Bingham Highway in at a Tee at 7800 South (located at approximately 4350 West), and additional turn lanes and acceleration lanes at the intersection of Jordan Landing Blvd/4000 West onto 7800 South.


The first phase, which consists of the 7800 South road improvements was scheduled to open today, July 25th. However, due to the extremely wet spring (weather delays), an unexpected high amount of clay under the proposed road, and also some conflicts with power and communication lines getting relocated in the reconstructed road, the City has been forced to push the completion date for Phase 1 back approximately two months, or the middle of September.


City staff and the contractor’s crews are working hard to make up for the lost time. Everyone wants to get the road open as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience. 

Construction Update: 07/19/19

Contractors will be milling and overlaying Airport Road from 7800 South to New Bingham Highway Thursday, July 25 through Saturday, July 27.  This section of road will have lane restrictions, with one lane of travel in each direction, and at times there may only be one available southbound turn lane from Airport Road onto eastbound New Bingham Highway.  While the road will remain open to traffic, travelers should expect congestion and delays as the mill and paving operations proceed. Alternate routes to avoid this construction area include 4800 West, 5600 West, and Grizzly Way.

Construction Update: 07/12/19

The right turn lane from southbound Jordan Landing Blvd. to westbound 7800 South will temporarily open early next week.  Also next week, the contractor will begin lowering manholes and valves on Airport Road from 7800 South to New Bingham Highway.  That work will take place between 9 am – 3:30 pm.  Once manholes have been lowered this section of Airport Road will be milled and overlaid, the dates for that have not been determined.

Construction Update: 06/17/19

The lane closures at the intersection of 7000 S and 4000 West and westbound  7800 South between 4000 West and Airport Road will be in effect for another 2 weeks.  The Contractor was repeatedly reminded they had a 14-day window to complete the work associated with this closure, and they have not met that timeframe.  Until the contractor restores the travel lane, traffic will be limited to one-lane going westbound.

Construction Update: 5/28/19

Beginning Monday, June 3 at 9 a.m., there will be one lane of westbound traffic on 7800 South between 4000 West and Airport Rd to accommodate the road construction in the area. The lane closure will be in effect for 14 days.

At the intersection of 7800 South and 4000 West, you will not be able to make right turns if you're heading south, or left turns if you're heading north, on 4000 West.

A police presence will be present to enforce the temporary traffic pattern. Drivers are encouraged to plan alternate routes during this construction period.

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Project Email: Construction@WestJordan.Utah.Gov
Project Details

Construction is underway to widen 7800 South and realign New Bingham Highway between Airport Road and 4000 West. The project also expands the intersection at 78th South and 40th West, which will help traffic move more efficiently. When the project is complete, 78th South, between 40th West and Airport Road, will change from a one-way street to a seven-lane roadway with traffic traveling in each direction.  New Bingham Highway will no longer merge with 7800 South at 4000 West, but connect to 78th South at 4200 West.


City officials anticipate the project will be completed in January 2020. Project updates will be posted on the West Jordan City Hall Facebook page, this page, and variable message boards to keep the public informed about changing traffic patterns and minimize the inconvenience of road construction.

7800 S Map_edited.jpg

Like most Utah cities, West Jordan is generally laid out in a north-south, east-west grid. The diagonal New Bingham Highway interrupts that grid. It was originally constructed to provide access to the copper mine west of the city, but with the heavy growth in this area, it no longer meets traffic demand and will be inadequate for planned future development. Because of this, West Jordan is moving forward with projects to restore the arterial grid system in this area. The city has already completed several other aspects of this plan, including improving access to Mountain View Corridor at 7800 South and 9000 South.

This project was chosen from several options identified during a joint study by the city, the Salt Lake Department of Airports and the Utah Department of Transportation to improve traffic mobility without negatively impacting the airport’s Runway Protection Zone.

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