FAQ for Candidates

Can I get a copy of the current department heads and who they report to?




​Who do I contact to get a voter list of district 4? Is that your office or salt lake county?

For a list of registered voters in your district you'll want to contact SL County at 385-GOT-VOTE.

May I see the bid and cost for the 7000 South construction project?

Below is a link to the bid sheet.  As you know, the project is massive in size and the information may be too small to view online.  Please let us know if you need to come in to get a hard-copy.  As for the actual cost, that is not yet available since the project is not yet complete.  

May I get a copy of the December 12th Minutes that discuss the Water Rate Increase?

Link to December 12 Minutes

Do I need to keep receipts for campaign expenses, in-kind or otherwise?


I have other questions about campaign expenses.  Where can I find further information?


I would like to participate in the Western Stampede parade or perhaps rent space for a booth at the Carnival.  How do I go about doing that?


What can you tell me about the non-compete clause that relates to the upcoming carnival in West Jordan?


Should I include my website and email in the bio that I submit to the City and/or State?


What part of the Municipal Code will be discussed at the Council Workshop on June 27, 2019?


How can I get in touch with the West Jordan Police Officer and Firefighter's Unions?


May I review the City's recently adopted Budget for FY19-20?


Can I distribute flyers at the Western Stampede?


How can I get in touch with property owners of the various canals in the area?


What supplemental budget requests were submitted for the FY2018-2019 budget and which ones were approved?


Can the City provide me with a copy of a map showing the canals that run through the City?

Unfortunately, the City is not in possession of such a map

Does the City lease the building to the Jordan school district on Redwood and if so for how long? Does the City or Jordan school district have third-party leasing right on that property? This can only be answered if the city has third-party leasing right, when and for how long have a DLD motorcycle class been allowed to train on that property and who is the liable party for an accident taking place on this property.

The City of West Jordan has no property rights (either through a lease or ownership) to the property across the street from City Hall which is occupied by the Jordan School District.

Does the City of West Jordan currently have any City buildings which use an alternative power source such as solar energy or wind?

There currently are no such City buildings.

May I set up a snow cone machine at a City park, give them away and do some campaigning?


Do I have to submit a Financial Disclosure Form if there is not a primary election in my district?


Is there a way for a candidate to track his/her standing prior to election day?

There is not.  The first results will be released after 8pm on August 13, 2019 and those results will be preliminary only.

When was the last time that the West Jordan Police Department received Active Shooter training and from whom did they receive it?


Mayor and Council Districts      District Map

Mayor Dirk Burton

Councilmember Chris McConnehey (District 1)

Councilmember Melissa Worthen (District 2)

Councilmember Zach Jacob (District 3)

Councilmember David Pack (District 4)

Councilmember Chad Lamb (At Large)

Councilmember Kayleen Whitelock (At Large)

Councilmember Kelvin Green (At Large)

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