How do I reserve a dumpster?
To reserve a dumpster, click here or visit our website https://dumpster.westjordan.utah.gov/

publicworks@westjordan.utah.gov or fax 801-569-5709. Forms are also available at the public works building

at 7960 South 4000 West. Please remember to include the best phone number to reach you on the

application so we can contact you to confirm the reservation or to schedule a different day if no

dumpsters are available on your requested date.

Who can reserve a dumpster?
A West Jordan resident (at least 18) may reserve a dumpster for residential use for any property that

has a West Jordan Utility account. This program currently does not support vacant lots, unimproved

plats, or commercial properties.

How long do I have to wait to get a dumpster?
Dumpsters are reserved on a first come-first served basis. When the weather is nice, this can mean a

wait of 1-2 months for an available dumpster. In the winter months, reservations can often be made for

dumpsters as little as 7-14 days in advance. The City makes no warranty or dumpsters as little as 7-14 days in advance. The City makes no warranty or guarantee as to the availability of the dumpster on the reserved date or continuation of this program. Emergency situations may limit or eliminate the availability of a previously reserved dumpster. All attempts will be made to notify and accommodate the resident as soon as reasonable.

How much does it cost?
The City of West Jordan currently offers the Neighborhood Clean-Up Dumpster Program free of charge to residents. This is subject to change without notice. Some local cities charge as much as $125 for the same service. Participation is voluntary.

How long can I have it for? 

Dumpsters are delivered for approximately 2 days of use per the schedule below.


Delivery and pick-up days:



Friday and Saturday are the most popular days for delivery and are often booked out for up to three months.

How often can I reserve a dumpster?
Green waste dumpsters can be reserved as often as you like (subject to availability). However, regular clean up dumpsters may only be scheduled for the same residence every four months (120 days).

When will it be delivered?
Dumpsters are delivered between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on the day reserved but are not scheduled for a specific delivery time.

How big is a dumpster?
All dumpsters are 30 cubic yards. The dimensions are 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high.

Where will it be placed?
Generally, placement of the dumpster is up to you. Many people have it placed on the driveway, an RV pad, or in front of the home in the street. The driver will attempt to place the dumpster in the location requested but may choose another location if necessary. For snow removal purposes, dumpsters delivered November 1 to March 31 must be placed on private property and will not be placed in the street. Green waste dumpsters must ALWAYS be located on your private property. The City is not responsible for damage to sod, shrubbery, trees or any other damages caused by placement of the dumpster on an unimproved surface.

Is the dumpster for my private use if I reserve it?
The Neighborhood Clean-up dumpster program is currently provided and funded by the City. Dumpster reservations do not provide exclusive rights to utilize the dumpster capacity, and the dumpster can be used by any resident. Be aware that dumpsters placed in the street often fill up quickly due to public use, please plan accordingly.

Access to private property, and consequently the dumpsters placed on private property, may be restricted by the property owner or occupant as if the dumpster were not present. Unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter private property for the purpose of accessing dumpsters. The City is not responsible for any damage caused by person/s trespassing on private property in an attempt to access the dumpster.

What can I put in a “Green” waste only dumpster?
Green yard waste, leaves, flowers, small prunings, shrubs, grass clippings, compost, fruits, vegetables (including pumpkins), non-treated wood, and small tree branches are examples of acceptable items. Unacceptable items include dirt, sod, manure, painted, treated or stained wood, cardboard, rocks, pet waste, ashes, concrete, etc.

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