General Obligation Bond – Aquatic and Recreation Center Bond Proposition

On the ballot this year, you'll see a proposition that if approved by voters, would fund a new Aquatic and Recreation center. This proposed rec center would be in addition to the County-owned Gene Fullmer Rec Center, and would be owned and operated by the city rather than the county. The Rec Center would be built on city-owned property in the Ron Wood Park, 5900 W. New Bingham Highway. View renderings of the Aquatic and Recreation Center.

To view the For and Against viewpoints on this proposition, click here.

How Much will this Cost Me?

General obligation bonds place an additional tax on West Jordan property owners for a period of 30 years. Here is the estimated cost breakdown for a primary residence valued at $245,100:








Property Value


Estimated Cost Per Year

Primary Residence


Business or Secondary Residence

$99.12 / Year

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Official Ballot Language

Aquatic and Recreation Center Bond proposition

Shall the City of West Jordan, Utah (the “City”), be authorized to issue General Obligation Bonds (the “Bonds”) in a principal amount not to exceed Forty-Six Million Dollars ($46,000,000) for the purpose of paying all or a portion of the costs to acquire, construct, improve and equip an aquatic and recreation center in the City; and the authorization and issuance of the Bonds due and payable with a term not to exceed thirty (30) years from the date or dates of issuance of the Bonds?

Property tax cost of bonds

If the Bonds are issued as planned, a property tax sufficient to pay debt service on the Bonds will be required over a period of thirty (30) years in the estimated amount of $54.51 per year on a $245,100 primary residence and in the estimated amount of $99.12 per year on a business or secondary residence having the same value. 


The foregoing information is only an estimate and is not a limit on the amount of taxes that the City may be required to levy to pay debt service on the Bonds. The City is obligated to levy taxes to the extent provided by law in order to pay the Bonds. The amounts are based on various assumptions and estimates, including estimated debt service on the Bonds and taxable values of property in the City.

Mayor and Council Districts      District Map

Mayor Dirk Burton

Councilmember Chris McConnehey (District 1)

Councilmember Melissa Worthen (District 2)

Councilmember Zach Jacob (District 3)

Councilmember David Pack (District 4)

Councilmember Chad Lamb (At Large)

Councilmember Kayleen Whitelock (At Large)

Councilmember Kelvin Green (At Large)

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