September 2023

This FREE event gives you a chance to explore the Jordan River Trail and be entered to win some prizes!

Everyone can participate – contact if you have questions.

Scavenger Hunt FAQ

How do I submit my entries?

Use the QR code on the signs and upload the files on the form found below.  If that gives you issues, email submissions to

What do I take pictures of?
  1. A feathered friend
  2. Flowing water
  3. An insect
  4. A mammal
  5. Something blue
  6. The mountains
  7. Something in the river
  8. A colorful leaf
  9. Something you think is wonderful
  10. A trail selfie
How are prize winners selected?

Winners will be selected randomly – so all entries will be considered for the prizes!

What are the prizes?

Win one of three prizes: REI Trekking Poles, binoculars, or a Hydro Flask.

Can I submit multiple entries?

One entry per person.

When will prize winners be notified?

Winners will be emailed by mid-October .

When does the scavenger hunt run?

From September 1st-September 30th. 

Scavenger Hunt Photo Upload

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood