Schorr Gallery – Featured Artist, Troy Hunter

Troy Hunter is a photographic artist with a unique specialty.
“I have what is called ‘essential tremors,” Hunter explained. “Some call it a disability; I have to disagree because it results in such beauty.”

What he once considered a hindrance, he now embraces in his art.
“I used to delete photos that I thought were too blurry,” Hunter said. “A simple photo of nighttime lights helped me think and see things differently.

I decided to use the condition to my benefit, by framing a scene in my viewfinder and allowing my shaking to proceed naturally.”
Hunter doesn’t sign his name on his pieces because doing so would suggest there is a top, bottom, left, or right side of the photograph.

“I truly love what I do, and firmly believe this work to be of great value, as it showcases beautiful art created through a condition once viewed as a hardship, now consciously turned into a beneficial tool and a gift,’ Hunter said. “It is my dream and passion to share this gift with the world.”
You can view Hunter’s art in the Schorr Gallery at West Jordan City Hall through December 2021.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood