Splash Pad at Ron Wood Park Opening May 24th, 2024

Looking for a fun, refreshing activity for the whole family this summer? The splash pad at Ron Wood Park (5900 W New Bingham Hwy,) is opening Friday, May 24th at 10 AM. The splash pad is open seven days a week from 10 AM to 8 PM, typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your visit!

Keeping the Splash Pad Clean and Safe

The Salt Lake County Health Department conducts routine and surprise inspections of the splash pad, ensuring it meets the same standards as any public pool. Keeping this space clean and safe for everyone is a top priority, so please follow the guidelines and report any issues you notice.

How do you turn on the splash pad?

If the water isn’t running, head to the two blue pillars on the splash pad. Tap either one a few times on the top with your hand, and the water will start flowing.

How long does the splash pad stay on once activated?

The water will run for 30 minutes. If it turns off while you’re still enjoying it, just tap the blue pillars again for another 30 minutes of fun.

Why does the splash pad automatically turn off after just a few minutes?

The splash pad has a water-saving feature that shuts off the water for two minutes if the wind is too strong. This helps conserve water. Once the wind calms down, tap the blue pillars again to restart the water.

What should I do if the water doesn’t turn on after tapping the blue pillars?

First, check for any signs in the area that might explain the situation. If there are no notices and the water still isn’t running, call us at 801-301-1833 for assistance. If it’s windy, wait a few minutes for the wind to die down before trying again, as the splash pad’s wind sensor might be temporarily shutting off the water to save it.

Important Guidelines for Splash Pad Visitors

  • Water Quality: The water is recycled and cleaned continuously, similar to a pool.
  • No Pets or Dirty Diapers: Don’t bring dogs or allow kids in dirty diapers to play in the water to prevent the spread of diseases like cryptosporidium.
  • No Wheels: Keep bikes, scooters, and skateboards off the splash pad.
  • Don’t Drink the Water: While the water is treated, just like a pool, it’s not safe for drinking.
  • No Food or Drinks: Avoid eating or drinking while on the splash pad to keep the area clean and safe.

Water Conservation and Drought Considerations

In Utah’s drought-prone climate, water conservation is crucial. The Ron Wood Splash Pad is designed with sustainability in mind. It features a 10,000-gallon underground tank that recycles water, with minimal loss to wind and sun. The splash pad may close during severe drought conditions, but this hasn’t been necessary yet, thanks to its efficient water management system.

Learn more about the splash pad here: https://www.westjordan.utah.gov/splashpad/

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood