Snow removal, potholes, street sweeping, streetlights, signage
Report Your Concerns 

Report road hazards including potholes, signage, streetlights, snow removal and more to the Public Works Department. If it is not an immediate safety concern, please fill out a Service Request at the tab above. Otherwise please email  or call 801-569-5700.


Report illegal dumping into the Storm Drain by calling 801-569-5700.

Street Sweeping

City-owned streets are swept annually, some street are swept more frequently.  Please keep trees trimmed in the park strip, sweepers require 15-feet clearance. Street Sweeping Map


Pothole Information

Each year how many potholes does West Jordan repair?

West Jordan City Public Works fills approximately 1,400 potholes every year.

The heaviest pothole seasons are winter and spring.


What causes potholes?

Water seeping into cracks loosens the asphalt allowing movement to occur.

During the winter, the water freezes at night, causing expansion and allowing for more movement. The weight of vehicles driving over the asphalt increases the movement even more. This cycle of movement and pressure eventually leads to loose asphalt popping out, causing a pothole.

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7 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

What steps does West Jordan City take to prevent potholes?
The city’s crack seal program is the largest preventative measure for potholes; this process closes up the cracks. We also overlay and repave streets every year.

What goes into the formula for filling potholes?
There are two types of asphalt used to fill potholes, Winter Cold Mix or Summer Hot mix. The winter cold mix is cold, temporary asphalt, aggregate, and oil that is used in cold, wet weather.  


The summer hot mix is permanent, emulsified asphalt tack that bonds with the pavement and is used in the warm weather. This application works permanently when the holes are tacked, squared out and properly compacted. This application cannot be used with water or freeze prior to being applied or it will not bond properly.


Asphalt is a petroleum product and, therefore, it is subject to the same fluctuations in pricing as fuel. When the cost of fuel increases, so does the cost of asphalt.

Why do we get more potholes some years and not others?
Some years are more wet and cold than others. The freeze-thaw cycle causes most of the potholes. The more it freezes and thaws the more the water can seep into cracks and expand during freezing, causing the road to move and actually pop out of its original shape. Also, if heavy equipment is driven over pavement it makes the cracked brittle asphalt buckle and to pop out. Salt Lake City has one of the worst freeze-thaw cycles in the continental United States.

Who do I contact if I see a pothole?
Fill out a Service Request at the blue tab at the top of this page or call 801.569.5700. The city appreciates citizens reporting potholes and depends on these reports in addition to the city crews in locating potholes.


What is the average response time to fix potholes?
West Jordan City Public Works Operations responds within two working days after receiving notification. If a citizen reports that the pothole is dangerous or is causing problems for traffic, we will respond immediately.