Text Us for Answers

Did you know you can text us your questions? Yes, now you can get answers any time, without waiting for City Hall hours. Additionally, no special app is required.

Here’s how it works:


Use your mobile phone

Create a text with your question/request and send it to 385-685-WEJO (385-685-9356). You can use keywords such as pay utilities, office hours, or report.


Receive a response

TextMyGov’s smart texting technology identifies keywords to instantly provide a response.


Engage with TextMyGov until finished

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, TextMyGov can provide various types of responses. Whether you need a quick answer, a link to content on the West Jordan website, TextMyGov can provide it. You can even upload a picture when reporting an issue to the city.

Try it out now by texting “Hi”: 385-685-WEJO

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood