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City utility services can include water, garbage (single-family and duplexes only, no commercial garbage collection), and sewer (services can vary by area). You can sign up for services by completing and submitting the online application (you must be the legal property owner to sign up for service). Property owners can also sign up for service in person in the Finance Department at City Hall, 8000 S. Redwood Road. Utility rates are set by the City Council. (Gas and electric services are provided through outside companies.)


Utility funds are not subsidized by tax dollars but operate with their own revenue source (user fees) that cover the costs of operating and maintaining the utility. Before adjusting rates at their Dec.12, 2018 meeting, the City Council met multiple times (June 27, 2018; July 11, 2018; July 25, 2018; December 12, 2018) and also hired a consultant to perform an extensive Rate Study to determine if an increase was needed.


The study concluded that the city has postponed rate increases for too long. In fact, some years the city did not raise water rates – despite the fact that the city's wholesale water supplier raised water rates every year an average of 4.1%. The consultant also developed a six-year financial plan for the utility funds to pay for future infrastructure (like water tanks, pipes, wells, and pumps) and plan for wholesale water increases. Consultant Presentation     

Water Rate Increase Explanation Flier

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Utility Rates

Sewer fees cover the costs of the infrastructure, personnel, and sewer plant upgrades required by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Wastewater Division is committed to safely and efficiently conveying wastewater from customers to treatment facilities with a minimum of sewage backups. This is accomplished through an ongoing cleaning and maintenance program which includes televising the City's wastewater collection system.


Residential Sewer Rates

Monthly Fixed Charge               Volume Rate ($ per 1,000 gallons)

$19.10                                        $1.77


Commercial Sewer Rates


Monthly Fixed Charge

$23.52 (Per unit)



Monthly Fixed Charge                Volume Rate ($ per 1,000 gallons)

$24.71                                        $1.77


Stormwater fees are charged to cover the costs to operate and maintain the stormwater system, which includes gutters, grates, culverts, detention ponds and 177 miles of pipe. This drainage system collects rainwater and snowmelt and delivers it to appropriate streams to mitigate flooding and property damage throughout the city. The system is required by state and federal EPA water quality mandates. The city is vulnerable to large federal fines if standards are not met. 


Residential & Commercial Stormwater Rate

Monthly Charge (Residential & Commercial)



Usage Rate (Residential & Commercial)

Residential homes are charged 1 ERU per home, Commercial properties are charged 10.89 ERU per acre of ground with a maximum of 20 Acre ERU’s.     



Water rates cover the costs to operate and maintain 505 miles of pipe, 7.2 billion gallons of water and the personnel and equipment to maintain the infrastructure necessary to deliver safe and reliable water to 22,000 customers. Rates are periodically adjusted to help cover inflation and rising wholesale costs for water that the City purchases from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. 


If you're looking for ways to reduce your outside water use, try LocalScapes for some beautiful – and water-saving ideas designed especially for Utah's climate. 


Residential Water Rate

Monthly Fixed Charge



Volume Rate per 1,000 gallons

0-7,000 gallons    $2.19

7,001-20,000        $2.53

over 20,000          $2.90 


Commercial Water Rate

Volume Rate per 1,000 gallons

0 - 200                $1.91

201 - 5,000         $2.20

> 5,000               $2.52


Monthly Fixed Charges (based on meter size)

¾”      $21.40
1”       $53.52
1½”    $70.61
2”       $107.00
3”       $321.00
4”       $684.78
6”       $1,241.18
8”       $1,861.77
10”      $2,717.75  


Irrigation Water Rate

Water rate per 1,000 gallons

0 - 110             $2.27

111 - 750         $2.62

> 750               $3.00



$1.71 per month


In 2016, the city replaced traditional streetlights with LEDs, which provide improved illumination at a reduced operating cost – and shrink the city’s carbon footprint


Garbage, Recycling & Green Waste
$16.04 per month


Includes one trash, one recycle and one green waste can for single-family residential and duplexes. (The City does not provide commercial garbage collection.) Additional cans can be added for an additional cost.  The city contracts with ACE Disposal to provide garbage, recycling, and green waste collection. View map for collection days.


Customer service for city utilities is a joint effort of the Public Works and Finance departments.

Water Reserves Summary

Mayor and Council Districts      District Map

Mayor Dirk Burton

Councilmember Chris McConnehey (District 1)

Councilmember Melissa Worthen (District 2)

Councilmember Zach Jacob (District 3)

Councilmember David Pack (District 4)

Councilmember Chad Lamb (At Large)

Councilmember Kayleen Whitelock (At Large)

Councilmember Kelvin Green (At Large)

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