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The West Jordan Capital Projects Group provides citizens with cost-effective, professional design and surveying services that comply with city, state and federal requirements, with either in-house staff or outside consulting services, for all Capital Projects to enhance public health, safety, and welfare for the water, sewer, storm drain, parks and transportation systems.

The Capital Projects Group is responsible for water distribution, wastewater collection, stormwater, and streets, including capital improvement planning and construction.

Active Projects

7800 South Widening and Realignment of New Bingham Highway

Contractor:  Kilgore Contracting

Contract Amount: $4,929,100.90

Project Manager: Dave Murphy, 801-569-5074

Project Dates March 25, 2019  -  January 20, 2020

Click Here for 7800 South & New Bingham Highway Construction Page (including past project updates)

All completion dates are scheduled to change due to weather and equipment.

September 26 Update

On Friday, September 27 there will be new traffic control patterns at 7800 South 4000 West / Jordan Landing Blvd., 7800 South Airport Road, and New Bingham Highway at Airport Road.

Phase 2 of the project has been completed, where both eastbound and westbound traffic can travel on 7800 South between 4000 West and Airport Road.

To complete Phase 3 of the project, eastbound New Bingham Highway (NBH) from Airport Road to 4000 West must be closed for approximately 3 weeks for the contractor to construct the new road that will link NBH and 7800 South.  Eastbound NBH traffic will turn left onto Airport Road (north), then turn right (east at 7800 South.  View map.

Additional information can be found on the project page.

Project Information

Beginning March 25, the City of West Jordan will begin the widening of 7800 South and the realignment of New Bingham Highway between Airport Road and 4000 West. The project will eliminate the confusing road split with New Bingham Highway, improve the capacity of the 7800 South and 4000 West intersection heading into Jordan Landing, and open east-bound 7800 South for continuous eastward access beyond Airport Road.


Like most Utah cities, West Jordan is generally laid out in a north-south, east-west grid. The diagonal New Bingham Highway interrupts that grid. It was originally constructed to provide access to the copper mine west of the city, but with the heavy growth in this area, it no longer meets traffic demand and will be inadequate for planned future development. Because of this, West Jordan is moving forward with projects to restore the arterial grid system in this area. The city has already completed several other aspects of this plan, including improving access to Mountain View Corridor at 7800 South and 9000 South.


This project was chosen from several options identified during a joint study by the city, the Salt Lake Department of Airports and the Utah Department of Transportation to improve traffic mobility without negatively impacting the airport’s Runway Protection Zone.  

View the map showing the road modifications.

7000 South Bangerter Highway to 3200 West Overlay

Contractor:  Black Forest Paving

Contract Amount: $260,270.00

Project Manager: Greg Davenport, 801-569-5077

Project Dates: Fall 2019

This project will mill and overlay the asphalt pavement on 7000 South from Bangerter Highway to 3200 West.  This work will also include the raising and lowering of manholes, valves and monuments as well as the replacement of outdated pedestrian ramps.  It is anticipated that once construction begins the project will take 60 days to complete the work.

Corliss Avenue Sidewalk

Contractor:  Beck Construction & Excavation

Contract Amount: $159,970.00

Project Manager: Nikolai Halverson 801-569-5078

Project Dates: June 2019 - October 2019


This project is located along Old Bingham Highway and Corliss Avenue, between Corliss Avenue (4445 West) and Wasatch Meadows Drive (4920 West).  The contractor will be constructing curb and gutter, park strips, sidewalk, drive approaches, an ADA ramp and asphalt pavement.

2018 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Contractor:  Planned and Engineered Construction Inc.

Contract Amount:  $498,500.00

Project Manager: Greg Davenport, 801-569-5077

Project Dates: Fall 2019

This project is located along Old Bingham Highway and Corliss Avenue, between Corliss Avenue (4445 West) and Wasatch Meadows Drive (4920 West).  The contractor will be constructing curb and gutter, park strips, sidewalk, drive approaches, an ADA ramp and asphalt pavement.

Big Bend Habitat Restoration Project

Contractor:  Redoubt Restoration

Contract Amount:  $883,855.30

Project Manager: Justin Stoker, 801-569-5762

Project Dates:  June - December 2019

The project location is on the Jordan River at approximately 9000 South 700 West. The over Big Bend project proposes the installation of an approximately 4-acre Urban Fishery pond with 2 inlet channels and an outlet channel into the Jordan River.

This phase will construct the pond, the outlet channel, and outfall structure.

Well No. 3 Rehabilitation Project

Contractor:  Widdison Turbine Service, LLC

Contract Amount:  $286,975.00

Project Manager: Tim Heyrend, 801-569-5086

Project Dates: Summer - Fall 2019

This project will remove the well pump, video the well, clean the screen and casing, add high oxidizing chlorine and mud removal chemicals, redevelop the well, and perform a final pump test and well disinfection. Once the treatments are completed, the well will be returned to service and closely monitored.

In-House Overlay

Contractor:  Public Works Streets Department

Project Manager: Tim Peters, 801-569-5722

Project Dates: May - October 2019

This year the City will work on roads in the Oaks, Wheatridge, Wildflower, Whispering Pines, Teton Estates, Noble Heights and Linsey Estates Subdivisions. 

Map of streets.

Exploratory Wells

Contractor:  Zim Industries, Inc.

Contract Amount: $1,592,480.00

Project Manager:Tim Heyrend, 801-569-5086

Project Dates:  March 14 - Fall 2019


November 20, 2018

An exploratory well was drilled at the north west corner of Ron Wood Park and so far the soil data shows that this location will be a great place for a well. Groundwater was encountered 338 feet down with preliminary results of good water quality. Upon final confirmation of good water quality, the exploratory well will be widened by drilling for 2 weeks to set well screens to a depth of 600 feet.

Beginning October 29 the contractor began drilling an exploratory groundwater well in the northeast corner of Ron Wood Park. Sound barrier walls were installed to reduce the noise levels.  Well drilling is a 24-hour operation.  The operation lasted for approximately 3 weeks depending on if the exploratory well produces good quality water with enough flow.   Resident letter.

The contractor will drill two (2) groundwater wells on the west side of the City.  The locations are the northwest corner of Ron Wood Park and 6750 West New Bingham Highway. The City is adding groundwater wells in order to fully utilize existing water rights, to provide lower cost water alternatives for new development growth, and to provide a good source of water both now and for the foreseeable future.

Fall Water Drive Project

Project Contractor: Salt Lake Excavating, Inc.

Contract Amount: $1,414,593.64

Project Manager  Dave Murphy, 801-569-5074

Project Dates:  August - November 

Construction of 6200 West from 8100 South to 7800 South.

New Bingham Highway Reservoir Zone 4 - 4.0 MG Water Storage Reservoir

Contractor: Dry Creek Structures, LLC.

Contract Amount: $5,518,600.00

Location:  6600 West New Bingham Highway

Project Manager: Tim Heyrend, 801-569-5086

Project Dates: June 2018 - Fall 2019


Concrete floors have been poured in the bottom of the water storage reservoir. The Contractor is now focusing on concrete wall construction with the first wall section already installed. Interior water pipelines and valves are being constructed. Work is progressing according to schedule with final completion expected next summer.


The New Bingham Highway 4 Million Gallon (MG) Water Storage Reservoir is a Master Planned project that will add needed water storage in pressure zone 4 which serves the area east of the Mountain View Corridor.

Zone 4 New Bingham Highway Transmission Main Project

Contractor: Condie Construction Company

Contract Amount: $1,277,334.00

Location:  New Bingham Highway 6700 West - 6000 West 

Project Manager: Greg Davenport, 801-569-5077

Project Dates: Summer-Fall 2019

This project will install a zone 4 20-inch water transmission line from the water reservoir at 6700 west to approximately 6000 West along New Bingham Highway.  Zone 4 services the industrial park and many residential neighborhoods between 6000 West to 4800 West.

Redwood Road Multimodal Study

The Redwood Road Multimodal Transportation Study conducted a survey from the residents of the cities that Redwood Road runs through. The goal of the study is to develop a preferred multimodal transportation solution for Redwood Road that considers automobiles, transit, bicycles, pedestrians, and land use. The study will also identify an implementation plan for short, medium, and long-term aspects of the preferred solution.


The Redwood Road Multimodal Transportation Study is an open and inclusive collaboration between Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Taylorsville City, West Jordan City, South Jordan City, Sandy City, Salt Lake County, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).


Here are the links -

Survey Results


View the Redwood Road Multimodal Study and Story Map

UDOT - Bangerter Highway Interchanges

Overall UDOT Bangerter Project


UDOT 6200 South Bangerter Project  

      Map of 6200 South and Fox Hills Drive/Dixie Drive intersection realignment.

The Utah Department of Transportation is taking more steps toward slowly converting Bangerter Highway into a freeway.

Public Information Line:  888-766-ROAD (7623); Email

For current Salt Lake area traffic impacts visit UDOT's Commuterlink page.

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