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You can visit the splash pad Monday – Sunday, 10 AM – 8 PM at Ron Wood Park (5900 W New Bingham Hwy). The splash pad is typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Splash Pad FAQs

How do you turn on the splash pad?

If you’re looking to turn on the splash, head over to the two blue pillars on the splash pad. Just give either one a few taps on the top with your hand, and voila! The water will start.

How long does the splash pad stay on once you’ve tapped those blue pillars?

The water will stay on for 30 minutes. If you’re still out there enjoying the splash pad and it turns off, just tap the blue pillars again and you’ll get another 30 minutes.

Why would the splash pad automatically turn off if it’s only been a few minutes?

Our splash pad is equipped with a water-saving feature. If the wind picks up to a certain speed, the splash pad will automatically shut off for two minutes to conserve water. Once the wind calms down, simply tap the blue pillars again, and the water will resume flowing.

Say I show up to the splash pad, I tap those pillars a few times and the water still isn’t turning on.

If you find that the splash pad isn’t working, there are a couple of steps you can take. Firstly, check for any signage placed around the splash pad area. If there are signs indicating any issues, we’ll keep you informed. If there are no signs and the water still isn’t turning on, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 801-301-1833 for assistance.

What are some things the public should keep in mind while visiting the splash pad?

Think of our splash pad as you would a pool. Just like you wouldn’t run, eat, or drink in a pool, we kindly ask that you refrain from doing so in the splash pad area. Please keep dogs, bikes, scooters and skateboards off the splash pad as well. Instead, enjoy walking through the fountains as you would walk through sprinklers. And remember, just like you wouldn’t drink pool water, please avoid drinking the water from the splash pad as well.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood