West Jordan Redevelopment Agency

Redevelopment agencies (RDAs) are a tool used by local government to clean up blight and to implement the development goals of communities. Each RDA consists of the elected council or commission which is the RDA Board by state statute. The RDA Board adopts the plans, policies, and budgets which are implemented by the agency.

aerial view of Gardner Village and surrounding area

What Do Redevelopment Agencies Do?

RDAs assist communities in addressing three types of development issues:  

  • Redevelopment: Encourage private and public investment in previously developed areas that are blighted. 
  • Economic Development: Work with businesses to increase the jobs available in the community and the state as a whole.
  • Housing Development: Increase the amount and variety of housing within a community.

What is a Project Area?

A project area is a part of a community usually less than 100 acres in size, which has been targeted for RDA assistance. RDAs create a project area by adopting a plan for redevelopment, economic development, or education housing development in a specific geographic area. Many communities have multiple RDA project areas.

How do RDAs pay for Community Improvements?

In most cases, RDAs pay for only a fraction of developments related to the new developments they encourage. The RDAs share of development costs is paid through the use property tax increment. Property tax increment is the increase in property taxes generated in a project area over and above property taxes generated prior to the new development (base taxes). Generally, base taxes are not used to pay project costs. The use of tax increment must be approved by a committee made up of representatives from each of the affected property taxing entities.

Redevelopment Areas

RDA #1 Town Center
6600 to 7000 South, 1700 to 1850 West

RDA #2 Industrial Park
1100 to 1500 West, 7800 to 8000 South

RDA #3 Southwire
3200 to 3600 West, 8500 to 8800 South

RDA #4 Spratling
1300 to 1700 West, 8800 to 9000 South

RDA #5 Downtown
1700 to 1900 West, 7600 to 7900 South

RDA #6 Briarwood
1500 to 1825 West, 7700 to 8200 South

Community Development Areas

RDA #1 Town Center
6600 to 7000 South, 1700 to 1850 West

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood