Election Overview

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The next Municipal Election will be held this year (2023). The following seats are up for election:

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Heads up! Did you know Election dates in Utah have changed for 2023?
Here’s what you need to know to ensure your voice is heard!

If you have any questions regarding past or upcoming elections in West Jordan, please contact the City Recorder by phone 801-569-5116 or email tangee.sloan@westjordan.utah.gov.

Countdown to Election Day!

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Financial Disclosures

Click here to view financial disclosure documents for current and future elected officials.

Annual Finance Disclosures for Current Elected Officials – Archive

Dirk Burton – Mayor: 21-22, 22-23

Chris McConnehey – District 1: 21-22, 22-23

Kelvin Green – At Large: 21-22, 22-23, 23-24

David Pack – District 4: 21-22, 22-23

Zach Jacob – District 3: 21-22, 22-23

Pamela Bloom – At Large: 22-23

Kayleen Whitelock – At Large: 21-22, 22-23

Melissa Worthen – District 2: 21-22, 22-23

2021 Municipal Election Financial Disclosures

Kayleen Whitelock

Tyrone Fields

Mike S. Withers

Craig F. Heath

Pamela Bloom – Amended 08/04/2021

Kelvin Green – Amended 10/25/2021

Mikey Smith

Chad Lamb

West Jordan City Hall