The city contracts with ACE Disposal to provide garbage and recycling services.

Containers are collected on all holidays except: 

  • Independence Day 
  • Christmas Day 
  • Thanksgiving Day 
  • New Year’s Day 

Should a holiday fall on a scheduled collection day, all collections will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week, to include a Saturday collection. The normal collection will resume the following week. 

If you would like to replace, repair, or add an additional garbage can, please complete this form.

For collection issues contact: 

The West Jordan Public Works Department 
[email protected] 

For services offered at the landfill contact:

Trans-Jordan Landfill 
10473 Bacchus Hwy 
South Jordan, UT 84009 

On May 2, 2022, garbage day changed for SOME West Jordan residents. Visit this page for more information.

Map of Garbage Pickup Days

More Information about Solid Waste Services


ACE Disposal provides weekly curbside recycling service for city residents. Place recyclables in the blue recycling can and place it curbside on your collection day. The recycling market continues to change.

Need to replace, repair, or add an additional recycling can? Fill out this form.

Acceptable items:

  • Paper (not contaminated by liquid) 
  • Brochures/Magazines 
  • Mixed Office Paper 
  • Telephone Books 
  • Catalogs 
  • Newspaper 
  • Cardboard (not contaminated by liquid) 
  • Shipping boxes 
  • Cereal and food boxes 
  • Gift, shoe, and tissue boxes 
  • Plastics 
  • Juice & sports drinks 
  • Laundry Jugs 
  • Milk & soda pop jugs 
  • Water jugs and bottles 
  • Metals 
  • Aluminum cans 
  • Steel cans 
  • Tin cans 
  • Clean aluminum foil 

Glass Recycling

West Jordan residents can drop off glass for recycling at two drop-off recycling bins located:

  • Parking lot of the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center, 8125 South 2200 West    
  • Ron Wood Park, 5900 West New Bingham Highway 

The glass recycling program is for residents only. No businesses. All colors, no separation required. But please use the bins ONLY for glass.  No garbage, porcelain, ceramic, plate glass windows, light bulbs, or cardboard. If the program is abused, it will be discontinued. For additional locations or information: or call 801-355-0334.

West Jordan Recycling Survey Results
Recycling Flier: Be Bright, Recycle Right!

Green Waste

The city’s green waste program runs the FIRST full week in April through the LAST full week in November.

Request an additional green waste can by completing this form.

Green waste containers are collected once a week on a seasonal basis on your normal collection day. Please only place loose yard clippings in the container.  

  • Do not bag any items 
  • Do not put dirt, sod, cardboard, garbage, debris, concrete, rocks, or plastic bags in the container. 
  • Do not overload – the lid of the container must close completely. 
green waste collection guidelines

City E-Waste & Shredding Events

Every year, the city holds four FREE E-waste and shredding events.

2023 Dates:

  • February 4, 2023 | 10 AM – 12 PM
  • May 6, 2023 | 10 AM – 12 PM
  • August 5, 2023 | 10 AM – 12 PM
  • November 4, 2023 | 10 AM – 12 PM

Residents can bring up to two ‘Bankers Boxes’ of paper for shredding and residential electronic waste. Documents will be shredded on site in the parking lot of West Jordan Public Works Department (7960 S 4000 W, West Jordan UT 84081)

Items need to be drop-off ready. Paper needs to be loose, remove large binder clips, rubber bands, and binders. Bring proof of resident or city employment to participate. (driver’s license, utility bill, or city ID badge) 

Some acceptable items include: 

  • Cell phones 
  • Computers and keyboards 
  • Hard drives (these can be shredded if they have been removed from the computer) 
  • Stereos 
  • Fax machines 
  • iPods 
  • MP3 players 
  • DVD players 
  • Laptops 

Televisions, CRT monitors, cracked LCDs, batteries, lightbulbs, and printers are not accepted. Contact The Transjordan or Salt Lake Valley Landfill for information on disposing of these items.

West Jordan Dumpster Days

The City of West Jordan offers three free dumpster drop-off programs throughout the year. Green waste and general waste dumpsters will be available in the Public Works Maintenance yard (7960 South 4000 West) between 7 AM and 3 PM.

  • April 15, 2023 | 7 AM – 3 PM, Public Works Facility
  • June 10, 2023 | 7 AM – 3 PM, Public Works Facility
  • October 7, 2023 | 7 AM – 3 PM, Public Works Facility

Staff will be onsite to assist with traffic direction and dumping instructions. Participants must bring proof of residency or city employment. (driver’s license, utility bill, or city ID badge)

Most non-hazardous waste or debris is permitted. Acceptable items include: 

  • Building materials 
  • Household items 
  • Limited appliances (Freon must be removed prior to disposal) 
  • Furniture 
  • Yard waste (tree limbs, shrubbery, grass clippings) 

Here’s a helpful guide with more information on what is accepted.

West Jordan Public Works department