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The Code Enforcement Division is here to serve the best interests of the community acting under the authority and direction of the West Jordan City ordinances.  Code Enforcement officers work collaboratively with residents and business owners to resolve ordinance violations. We encourage neighbors to talk to one another first and seek a resolution before involving the city or police and formalizing the process. When direct requests do not work or are not possible, submit the Code Enforcement Request form below. Some issues can be resolved easily while others take more time or require formal letters, notices, and a lengthy legal process. Code Enforcement officers are also available to meet with residential and business groups in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of ordinance requirements. For a better understanding of the process, read the Code Enforcement Brochure or read the FAQs below.

7800 South in West Jordan

Common Code Violations

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The noise ordinance is regulated by Salt Lake County Health Department. (385) 468-4100

In Salt Lake County, the health department works with local law enforcement agencies to enforce the county’s noise regulation.

In general, the noise regulation prohibits loud noise at night between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. The regulation also sets limits for extremely loud noise during daytime hours.

Certain activities and situations are exempt from the noise regulation, such as government-operated snow removal activities and construction work that receives a temporary noise permit from the health department.

To report loud noise from a party, from fireworks outside of designated holidays, loud vehicles, or from another unusual circumstance, contact the West Jordan police, at 801-840-4000 (do NOT call 911 unless it is a life-threatening emergency).

To report a barking dog, contact West Jordan Animal Services, 801-282-3951.

Code Enforcement Request

Before reporting an issue, please collect the following information:

  1. Identify and include the specific complaint or nuisance. What is the single largest issue to correct?
  2. Give the exact address of the problem. If no address, the location of property or place (i.e., northwest corner of Redwood Road and 7800 South).
  3. Give us the names of anyone you spoke to, the chronology of the problem, and your efforts to solve it.
  4. Give us specific descriptions of the complaint.
  • Vehicle license number, type, color, make of vehicle.
  • State if the vehicle is on the street or on private property. If the vehicle is located on the street, please call non-emergency Police Dispatch: 801-840-4000.
  • Type of debris, car parts, building materials, tires or garbage.
  • Illegal businesses, vendors or vehicle repairs. Information should include the location, what services are being rendered, items being sold, hours of operations, etc.

Note: If the complaint relates to a street or public roadway (vehicle parked on street too long, etc.) in West Jordan, call West Jordan Police: 801-840-4000.


The house next door is vacant and the yard is overgrown. Can anything be done to clean the property?

Yes, West Jordan ordinance 5-3-1(9a) (Weeds, Refuse and Deleterious Objects) prohibits yards from having injurious and noxious weeds, including uncultivated weeds or grass in excess of 12 inches in height from the ground up on any lot.

The house next door has trash and debris all over the front and/or backyard. Can anything be done to the clean the property?

Yes, West Jordan ordinance 13-8-15  (Storage of Trash and Debris Prohibited) prohibits allowing the storage of trash, debris, abandoned equipment, or tangible personal property in open spaces on the property.

Is it illegal for someone to have an inoperable vehicle on his or her property?

It is unlawful to park, store, leave or permit the parking of any licensed or unlicensed motor vehicle of any kind, which is wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, inoperable or abandoned condition, whether attended or not, upon any private property within the City limits. Exception: Inoperable vehicles or parts thereof may be stored within a completely enclosed building, or on the premises of a business lawfully established as a wrecking yard. See West Jordan ordinance 13-8-2.

My neighbor has a lot of cars in his driveway and on the street. He always seems to be working on them. I hate the way it makes the neighborhood look. Can the city do something? 

Residents can do minor work at home on vehicles that they own. Minor work includes: changing the oil, spark plugs, replacing brakes and similar activities that can be completed within 72 hours. Major repair work is not allowed and it is not legal to operate a vehicle repair shop from a residential home.  With some exceptions (snow removal, blocking driveways, traffic signs, mailboxes, trash pick-up, etc.), it is not illegal to park on the streets in West Jordan. Also, there is no rule or law that states how many cars a resident may own.

I phoned in a complaint weeks ago. Why has nothing been done to the property?

In all cases, the responsible party (Property Owner and/or Resident) must be provided notice that there is a problem. They must be provided with a reasonable time period (14 days) in which to correct the violation(s). This notice is usually provided by sending a Notice of Violation via first class mail. All responsible parties are also afforded the opportunity to request an extension of time to bring the property into compliance.

What happens if a person refuses to comply with the City Code and a Notice of Violation?

Depending on the case and the severity of the violation, the Responsible Party (Property Owner in this case) could have a Default Judgment placed against the property, or in extreme cases, the city may also abate the violation and charge the Responsible Party for the costs incurred.

I received a notice from the Code Enforcement Division, but cannot correct the violation in the time prescribed. What can I do? 

Contact the Code Enforcement Division and request an extension. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may receive an extension in time to correct the violation. All extensions are required to be in writing, either by coming to the Development Department at the Public Works building (7960 S 4000 W) and visiting Code Enforcement in person or submit by email.

What are the City’s regulations regarding the posting/placement of signs on public property? 

Signs may not be placed on public property, within public right-of-ways, or attached to any structure or equipment on public property, except public necessity signs placed by the city. Illegal signs may be removed by the city or other public agencies owning the property, as per West Jordan ordinance 12-3-6 (Prohibited Signs).

Where can I pick up my confiscated sign(s) and is there a fine?

Owners wanting to retrieve confiscated signs removed by city personnel will be required to pay an impound fee of $50.00 per sign. Confiscated signs will be stored for 14 days. To claim an impounded sign, the owner must pay the fine at the Finance Department at City Hall. All signs that have not been claimed within the 14 days will be destroyed.

I live in a subdivision with a Homeowners Association. Can the city enforce the Association’s by-laws? 

No. If someone in the subdivision is violating a provision of the Association’s by-laws, it is the responsibility of the Association to initiate legal action. The only regulations the Code Enforcement Division can enforce are state, county, and city laws.

My neighbors have multiple families living in a single-family home. Is this against the law? 

West Jordan defines a family as (a) two or more persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, or foster children living together in a dwelling unit; or (b) up to five unrelated individuals living together in and occupying a family dwelling unit. In addition, the law allows a group of handicapped or elderly individuals to live together in a special residence and up to two other persons who are hired for compensation such as nannies, servants, gardeners, custodians, or security guards to reside in the same premises. It is unlawful for multiple families to live in a single-family home that does not meet the above definition – unless an Accessory Dwelling Unit has been issued.

What are the rules for parking on the street?

It is unlawful for any person to park or allow the parking or storage on any public street a recreation vehicle, trailer, camping trailer, snowmobile trailer, boat, boat trailer, construction materials trailer or similar conveyance upon the public street. Refer to West Jordan ordinance 7-3-4 (Prohibited Parking) for a complete list of parking regulations. All street parking is handled by the West Jordan Police Department. Call 801-840-4000 to report.

What are the regulations for wintertime street parking?

West Jordan City ordinance 7-3-10 (Prohibited Parking for Snow Removal) states: “No person shall park a vehicle or semi-trailer upon a street when it is snowing or snow is on the street from November 1 and ending April 30 of the following year.”  Parked vehicles impair snow removal efforts. Vehicles parked on a public street or roadway in violation of the ordinance risk citation and/or impoundment. All street parking is handled by West Jordan City Police Department. Call 801-840-4000 to report.

I had a commercial solicitor/salesman come to my door. Does this person need a permit from the city? 

Yes, West Jordan 4-2F-1 prohibits commercial solicitation in the City of West Jordan without first obtaining a license to do so. However, religious groups, school groups, political organizations, and those seeking charitable contributions are exempt and do not need a city license. If a licensed commercial solicitor comes to your door, they should be wearing a West Jordan Solicitor License I.D. badge and should be able to produce a copy of his business license upon your request. If an unlicensed commercial solicitor comes to your door, the best thing to do is politely tell them you’re not interested and shut your door. You should then make a mental note of their description (age, sex, race and clothing) and the direction they are going in your neighborhood. Phone the police on the non-emergency line, 801-840-4000, and give them the information on the solicitor. Officers will respond and, if appropriate, cite the offending solicitor.

Do I need a permit to set up a stand and sell merchandise in a parking lot or along the roadway?

Yes, West Jordan ordinance 4-1B-1 (License Required) requires that a Business License be obtained before any temporary operation may commence.

My neighbor has trees and shrubs that hang over onto the sidewalk. My kids have to duck down to avoid being hit by the trees when walking to school and vehicles have a hard time seeing the stop sign on the corner. Who is responsible for keeping the trees/shrubs clear of the sidewalk? 

Residents are asked to improve neighborhood safety by keeping sidewalks clear and cutting back privately owned trees and shrubs so that they do not obstruct vehicle visibility or pose a hazard to pedestrians or drivers. If the tree is city owned, call the Streets Department at 801-569-5730 to request an inspection for trimming of trees/shrubs blocking sidewalks, obstructing street/traffic signs, or interfering with vehicle sight lines. All trees shall adhere to the West Jordan ordinance 13-13-10: Landscape Maintenance.

How near to a fire hydrant can I construct a mailbox, planter, fence, or other item?

According to Fire Code 508.5.5 a clearance of three feet must be kept between a fire hydrant and any other object.

There is graffiti on the wall that borders my subdivision. Who do I call to get it removed, and what can I do to discourage graffiti from appearing again? 

Residents and property owners are responsible for removing graffiti from their property to include fencing. Graffiti is a persistent problem in all local cities, including West Jordan. It is detrimental to property values and negatively impacts the quality of life for West Jordan citizens. Please report graffiti to the West Jordan Police Department at 801-840-4000 as soon as it is discovered.  The longer graffiti is allowed to remain on a property, the more it invites additional markings and criminal activity in the area. Rapid removal is the key to controlling and eradicating graffiti. When graffiti is removed promptly, “taggers” are less likely to return to add more. The Salt Lake County Graffiti Program may provide you with supplies and cleaning tips at no cost to you. Contact the SL Co Graffiti Program for help.

Tips to Succeed at Graffiti Removal (Source: Salt Lake County Graffiti Program): 

  • Clean new graffiti within 24 hours of its discovery.  Be prepared to increase your efforts during the warm months.
  • Be persistent!  Continue to remove or cover reoccurring graffiti until the vandals get tired and give up.
  • If your personal safety is a concern, request a uniformed police officer to accompany your cleanup effort in a marked vehicle.
  • Use common sense.  Minimize the chance of injuries by only attempting to remove graffiti where it is easily accessible and be aware of road hazards.

 Here are a few other ways to discourage graffiti on your property:

  • Use dark colors of paint on buildings and surrounding fences.
  • Plant trees, vines or shrubs to screen solid walls.
  • Install motion sensitive lighting directed at vulnerable surfaces.
  • Remove objects that could give taggers access to the roof and reduce access to any hidden area where taggers could hide.
  • Generally, make everything on the property highly visible or highly inaccessible.
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