West Jordan Cemetery

When a death occurs, family members rely on cemeteries to provide a final resting place for their loved one. The staff at the West Jordan City Cemetery work tirelessly to ensure your loved one is honored with the utmost attention, care, and respect.  

Memorializing a loved one is very personal. Many of the details will be coordinated with the funeral home or mortuary, including: 

  • The purchase of a casket, monument, or vault 
  • Setting up chairs, tents, and other equipment  
  • Installing the lowering device 
  • Adjusting the monument 

The acting mortuary may also schedule the burial with the city, the family may choose to work directly with the Cemetery Sexton. 

Burial Services 

Burials must be scheduled at least two business days in advance of the planned burial date. Burial services may take place Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM.  

Grave Markers 

Both grass-level and above-grass-level markers are permitted in the cemetery. All markers shall be installed with a grass-level stone or concrete base, extending a minimum of eight inches from the outer perimeter of the marker or monument.  

The maintenance and repair of grave markers, including the setting of grave markers, is the responsibility of the individual who purchased the plot or their family. The city assumes no responsibility for damage, regardless of the source, to any grave marker or monument. 

Grave Decorations 

Loved ones are encouraged to place gravesite decorations within permanent containers or receptacles incorporated into the grave marker. All glass, including vases, is not allowed on cemetery grounds. 

Live flowers are permitted year-round, while artificial flowers and flags are permitted with some restrictions. 

  • Artificial flowers and flags are permitted November through March 
  • Artificial flowers and flags are permitted on state holidays April through October 
  • Artificial flowers and flags must be placed in permanent graveside containers 
  • Artificial flowers and flags will be collected one week after state holidays in warm weather months 

Gravesite decorations will be removed without notice when they become unsightly. 

Fees are listed in the West Jordan Fee Schedule.

West Jordan cemetary