West Jordan Wastewater

The wastewater division provides the residents and businesses of West Jordan with uninterrupted removal of wastewater from their homes and business buildings. They do this by performing maintenance work on system assets to maximize infrastructure and longevity.

Wastewater is any water that requires cleaning after it is used. This includes water that has been used for laundry, bathing, dishwashing, toilets, garbage disposals, and industrial purposes. 

Public Works Dispatch:
(7:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

Emergency After-Hours:

West Jordan Wastewater System Size

  • 1.6 million feet of sewer main line
  • 9 million gallons delivered to the treatment plant daily through our collection system
  • Pipe size ranging from 8″ to 42″
  • Pipe types include concrete main, clay main, and PVC main
    • Concrete and clay mains have an average service life of 50 years
    • PVC main has an expected service life of 100 years

Best Management Practices

  • Service every sewer main once every three years
    (500,000′ of main annually)
  • A camera inspects every sewer main once every five yers
    (425,000′ of main annually)
  • In-house construction crews find, locate, and repair all system defects

Did you know that residents are responsible for service lines that connect to the West Jordan wastewater main line?

Understand where your responsibility begins and ends, and where the city’s responsibility begins and ends

A majority of residents may be unaware that they are responsible for the sewer line that runs from their home or business all the way out into the street including the connection to the city sewer mainline. Homeowners can take steps today to prepare for a potential Waste waterline or sewer line-related problem later.

  • Residents and businesses are responsible for their lateral pipe from their building out to, and including, their connection to the city main line.
    • This includes lateral lines that run past your property and into the street
  • The City is responsible for city mains and manholes.
  • If a sewer blockage is located in your lateral pipe the owner is responsible for the repairs.
  • If a sewer blockage in the city’s main backs up sewage into your home or business, the city is responsible for the repairs.
  • If you are experiencing wastewater backing up please call the city and we will respond to help determine where the flow disruption is occurring, either from the city main or within your private lateral.  Please contact us at the numbers listed above.

Residents and business owners can save a headache and pricey pipe repair later on, by being proactive.

  • Limit fats, oil, and grease from entering your sewer collection system
  • Service your private laterals regularly
  • Commercial users need to be vigilant with grease and sand trap maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Fats, Oils, and Grease bad for my drain?

Keeping these substances out of your drain can save you money in the long run. Pouring bacon
grease, for example, down your drain will cling onto the inside of the drainpipes. This residue
alone can back up your drains, collecting until it restricts the flow of water. That restriction can
cause a sewage backup in your home, business, and/or neighborhood.

What do I do with the leftover fats, oils, and grease if I can’t put them down my

Wipe it – Wipe cooking oil, butter, sauces, and salad dressing off cooking equipment using
paper towels before washing.
Toss it – Scrape and toss any leftover solid food into the trash before washing the dishes or
putting them in the dishwasher.
Clean it – monitor your grease trap weekly.

Does the Wastewater Department have a record of the pipes on my property?

The Wastewater Department is only responsible for the sewer main and does not keep a record
of how the pipes run on your property. You could reach out to the city’s building and zoning
department for those records. 801-569-5060.

I need to connect to the city main – who do I contact?

The Wastewater Department has excellent records of where every connection to the city
system is. If you need to know where you connect to the city main call: 801-569-5700.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood