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Dumpster rentals for trash or green waste disposal is available to residents with an active West Jordan garbage utility account within the city limits. Dumpster reservations are not available for commercial use.

Each resident is allowed one reservation at a time, with the option to place a second reservation once the first reservation date has passed.

Dumpsters (8′ wide x 25′ long x 5′ tall) can be reserved year-round.

Only property owners can request dumpsters year-round, tenants can reserve from April 1st to October 31st

Dumpster Reservation Fees

Dumpster Reservations are subject to the following fees:

  • First reservation each calendar year: $75
  • Additional reservations in the same calendar year: $250
  • Cancellation fee without two business days’ notice: $20

Dumpster reservations are subject to review and verification. Payment is required upon reservation.

Dumpster Delivery

Dumpsters are delivered between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

While specific delivery times are not available, reservations are valid for a 24-hour period, though times may vary due to drop off and pick up. Please refer to the following schedule for dumpster delivery and pick up (excluding State and Federal holidays):

Drop OffPick Up


To avoid cancellation fees, dumpster cancellations must be processed with a minimum of two business days before the drop-off. If delivery is attempted but the dumpster cannot fit on private property, a cancellation fee may be charged.

Prohibited Items

1. Dumpsters should not be overloaded, and residents using them are responsible for cleaning up any spillage.

2. Regular dumpsters can be used for yard debris, building materials, household items (including furniture and limited appliances), but hazardous materials and items with freon are prohibited.

3. Green waste dumpsters are exclusively for yard debris such as tree limbs, shrubbery, and grass clippings. Sod, dirt, rocks, treated wood, animal waste, and other landscaping debris are not allowed.

4. The following items are prohibited in both regular and green waste dumpsters: lithium-ion batteries, mattresses, box springs, railroad ties, concrete, dirt, rocks, toxic or flammable materials (e.g., pesticides, herbicides, solvents, chemicals, paints, motor oil, gasoline), tires, batteries, dead animals, liquid or septic loads. Dumping refrigerators, tanks, drums, barrels, or any serialized vehicles is also strictly prohibited. Residents who violate these restrictions or abuse the dumpster reservation program may face additional fines and fees. For proper disposal of household hazardous waste, please contact Trans-Jordan Cities Landfill at 801-569-8994.

5. Disposing of prohibited materials is unsafe and expensive to remediate. Violations may result in termination or denial of current and future dumpster reservations for the resident and property. Violators will be invoiced for the city’s administrative costs and costs of disposal for any unacceptable items.

6. Dumpsters are intended for use by the scheduling resident only. Prohibited materials are unsafe to dispose of and expensive to re-mediate from a dumpster. The West Jordan Public Works Department must be notified immediately if a person is seen disposing of prohibited materials. If a person is found in violation of the prohibited materials; the party that reserved the dumpster may have current and future dumpster reservations terminated and/or denied for the resident and property. Violators will be invoiced for the City’s administrative costs and costs of disposal for any unacceptable items.

7. The City and the Solid Waste Contractor are hereby released from any and all claims for damages resulting from the City’s or the Solid Waste Contractor’s equipment or personnel being on, or causing damage to, private property to deliver or remove the requested dumpsters, including but not limited to; any damage to any pavement or subsurface material on any route reasonably necessary to perform the services herein contracted.

8. The City and the Solid Waste Contractor are hereby released from any and all claims for all bodily injury as a result of dumpster use, or location of dumpster/s. The undersigned shall be responsible for any and all damage to the dumpster while the dumpster is located on the undersigned’s property or while the undersigned is using the dumpster.

9. All court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in the event of legal action to enforce any term or condition of this agreement will be the responsibility of the undersigned.

Reserve a Trash or Green Waste Dumpster

The cost of a dumpster will no longer be charged to your utility bill. Residents will pay during the initial reservation, if additional information or requirements are needed you will be notified by Customer Service. To cancel a dumpster reservation click here.

If you have any questions, please contact West Jordan Customer Service, 801-569-5000.

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