Preparing for an Earthquake

Drop, Cover, Hold On

Have you ever thought about what you would do during an earthquake here in the Salt Lake valley? Where your safe place would be?

When indoors, you can Drop, Cover and Hold On:

  • First, DROP to the floor
    • Next, take COVER under a sturdy desk or table
    • Then, HOLD ON until the shaking stops

It is important for your safety to stay indoors until the shaking stops. Stay under cover until you are sure it is safe to come out.

If you are outside when the earthquake occurs, find a clear area away from buildings, power lines, streetlights, and trees, then, just like inside, Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Remain there until there is no more shaking.

If you are driving, stop at a clear area, stay there until the shaking stops, with your seatbelt fastened. Once the shaking stops, continue on you your way, but use caution and avoid any damaged infrastructure.

During an earthquake, injuries are rarely caused by the ground shaking. Most injuries and deaths related to earthquakes are the result of walls and roofs collapsing, and flying debris such as glass and other objects.

For more information on being safe during an earthquake, go to The Great Utah Shakeout at or call Jeff Mulcahy, City of West Jordan Emergency Manager, 801-834-8502 or

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood