Disruption to Utility Billing Services: City of West Jordan Takes Steps to Address Interruption

In June, residents of West Jordan experienced an unexpected disruption to their utility billing services due to an information technology issue. The City of West Jordan promptly notified residents through their email newsletter and text messaging services. While efforts are underway to rectify the situation, the City acknowledges the inconvenience caused and is implementing measures to restore normal billing operations.

Impact on Utility Billing:

Although water meters were not affected by the network outage, the billing process encountered complications. Payments made in June were successfully received and credited to accounts without any issues. However, most residents did not receive a bill for that month, resulting in a delay in the billing cycle.

Resolution Efforts:

The City of West Jordan is actively working to rectify the disruption and restore normal billing services as quickly as possible. To address the delayed billing cycle, residents can expect to receive both a June and July bill within a short window of time. In order to provide additional flexibility, the City is extending payment deadlines. We anticipate on-time delivery of August bills and a full return to normal payment

Acknowledging the potential complications that arise from receiving both bills within a tight timeframe, the City will work with affected residents to establish payment plans that suit their needs.

Communication and Assistance:

The City of West Jordan understands that this situation may not be ideal and apologizes for any inconvenience caused. In the coming week, residents will receive a letter providing more detailed information on what to expect and how to proceed with their utility bill payments. This will offer comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition back to regular billing processes.

The City is committed to assisting residents in navigating this situation and is prepared to offer payment plans to those who encounter difficulties. By providing options and detailed information, the City aims to minimize the inconvenience caused by this disruption and ensure a seamless transition back to regular utility billing services.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood