Know Your Pipes: West Jordan’s Water Service Line Inventory

The City of West Jordan is on a mission to help residents and business owners identify the type of pipe bringing water into their homes or businesses. It’s all part of a plan to follow the Lead & Copper Rule (LCR) update from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What’s a Water Service Line?
Your water service line is the pipe that brings water from the city’s main line to your home or business. You are responsible for this line. Check out this illustrated example of a service line.

Why Are We Doing This?
The EPA wants cities to keep track of these pipes, especially if they’re made of lead. If your home was built before 1988, we need your help to find out what material your service line pipe is made of. Lead and copper, commonly found in indoor plumbing, can leach into drinking water, especially when in contact with plumbing components over time. This leaching poses health risks.

How to Find Out About Your Pipes:
Use this guide to identify lead pipes. All you need is a penny (or key) and a magnet. Here’s another step-by-step guide on identifying a lead pipe. Please complete the online survey by October 2024, a deadline mandated by the EPA.

Who Should Participate?
If your home, or business building, was built before 1988, please help us identify what material your service line is. If you do not know your home’s construction year, use the Salt Lake County Assessor page.

Three Easy Steps to Join In:
1. Locate Your Pipe: Find where the water pipe comes into your home (usually in the basement).

2. Material Check: Figure out what material your pipe is made of.

3. Take the Survey: Once you know, fill out our online survey.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood