West Jordan Police and Lights On! Illuminate Path to Community Engagement

West Jordan Police Officers and partners with the new Lights On! Initiative pose in front of a ticket voucher

The West Jordan Police Department is pioneering a new approach to community engagement by teaming up with Lights On! in Utah’s first-ever collaboration of its kind.

At routine traffic stops, WJPD officers will offer vouchers for free repairs at local auto shops instead of citations for minor mechanical issues like burnt-out bulbs or broken turn signals. This initiative aims to enhance road safety while fostering trust and unity within the community.

Chief Ken Wallentine emphasizes the importance of empathy in building successful relationships, recognizing that small issues like malfunctioning taillights can have significant impacts for some households.

“My belief is that the cornerstone of successful relationships and effective communication, whether it be with loved ones or law enforcement, lies in empathy and understanding. Within some households, seemingly minor issues like a malfunctioning taillight or turn signal can create significant dilemmas, pitting crucial repairs against basic household needs,” Chief Wallentine explained. “Initiatives such as “Lights On” are instrumental in cultivating constructive engagements and pragmatic resolutions between law enforcement officers and the community. They afford us the chance to reaffirm the core ethos of our department: “You matter, like I matter.”

This proactive approach not only strengthens relationships but also encourages greater understanding, trust and unity, especially during challenging times when our resident’s support is essential.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood