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    Small Business Impact Grant (SBIG) Round 2

    UPDATE – As of today, the eligibility requirements for the SLCo SBIG have been updated to include ALL industries, as well as businesses that received less than $35,000 in CARES Act funds[English FAQ](https://assets.westjordan.utah.gov/ugd/41b712_d3133203cc254e4fb8720357dc355908.pdf) ​ [Spanish […]

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    West Jordan City Leaders Sign Joint Resolution 20-01

    Creating a Commission on Diversity

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    West Jordan Couple Makes it Official with the Help of the City’s Mayor

    Marquis and Melissa met 9 years ago. Last week they decided to make their relationship​ official – and tie the knot. With things beings so last minute, Melissa decided to call West Jordan City Hall […]

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    West Jordan High School Teacher Paints Mural to Boost Students’ Morale

    The halls of West Jordan High School are scheduled to soon be filled with students​ once again and while they may be met with a lot of uncertainty, there is one thing waiting for them […]

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    This Virus is a Beast West Jordan Resident Shares Story after Contracting COVID-19.

    Sitting in her daughter’s home, LuAnn Schroeder fights through her airy, dry cough​ hoping she’ll start feeling better soon. Two weeks ago, the 65-year-old West Jordan resident contracted COVID-19. [READ MORE](https://assets.westjordan.utah.gov/ugd/41b712_c134fd698bf24dd0ac95a8065f486308.pdf) ​

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    Celebrating Independence Day Safely

    The month of July brings Independence Day (and Pioneer day for Utahns), warm weather​, and fireworks. The beehive state has been ranked one of the driest states in the nation, so when warm weather and […]

  • Firework Restrictions – City of West Jordan 2020

    The City of West Jordan is prohibiting the use of any ignition source, including fireworks, lighters, and matches, in certain areas of the city. Click the READ MORE link for more detailed information.[READ MORE](https://assets.westjordan.utah.gov/ugd/41b712_ac192cb5782d42e88c5b71ff25b33149.pdf) ​

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