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backyard chickens

Backyard Birds

The keeping, breeding, and maintenance of fowl within the city is permitted in any residential zone, if approved. All food storage and feeding areas must be completely secured from insects and rodents.

Pigeon Guidelines

  • Owner must provide a pigeon loft that is kept clean and maintained. 
  • There should be no more than one pigeon per two square feet of floor space.  
  • The loft must be within forty feet of any resident structure or dwelling. 
  • All feed must be stored in containers to protect against rodents. 
  • All pigeons must be confined to the loft, and not allowed to perch or linger on buildings or property of others. 
  • A resident must not own more than 100 pigeons. 
  • All pigeons must be banded and registered with one of the national pigeon associations/registries.

Chicken Guidelines

  • Chickens are not considered household pets. 
  • A coop is required. 
  • The coop must provide adequate shelter and space for chickens to roost with at least one and one-half square feet per chicken. 
  • If chickens aren’t allowed to roam outside the coop, it must have a minimum floor area of six square feet per chicken. 
  • Residents may have up to five egg laying hens and up to five chicks. 
  • Roosters and crowing hens are not allowed. 
  • All enclosures, pens, and coops must be in the rear yard of the main home or an interior side yard.  
  • All enclosures must be located at least 20-feet from the nearest primary structure.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood