The West Jordan Cemetery is located adjacent to the historic Pioneer Hall at 7800 South 1300 West. It is accessible from 7800 South and 1300 West. Currently, plots are available for purchase.

Fees are listed in the West Jordan Fee Schedule


All dead interred in cemeteries
No body of any deceased person shall be interred within the limits of the city except in the city cemetery or in such other cemetery as may be established with the consent of the City Council.


Parks Director's responsibility
The Parks Director or his/her designee shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the cemetery. All markers, planting, improvements or other work of any nature or description must be done under his/her direction and control. No person owning burial rights in the cemetery shall plant, grade or do any work in the cemetery except by his/her written permission. The Parks Director shall keep a record of the death and place of burial of every person so reported to him/her. The record shall be open to inspection by the public.


Sale of lots and perpetual maintenance
The City Sexton may sell only the right to be buried. All rights to be buried must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. All money received from such sales shall be remitted promptly to the City Treasurer. The City Sexton shall deliver to each purchaser a certificate of burial rights which shall be described by plat, lot or portion of the lot. Each certificate shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk/ Recorder. The City Sexton shall keep duplicates of all certificates issued. All burial rights as provided in this Section, together with all improvements, except for water, future care, and maintenance, shall be exempt from execution and from taxation and assessment for care and maintenance.

Termination of Rights
The City may terminate a person’s burial rights and revest title to those rights in the City as permitted by and in accordance with Utah Code, Sections 8-5-1 to 8-5-6, as periodically amended.

Repurchase of cemetery burial lots
The holder or owner of burial rights who does not intend to utilize those burial rights may tender to the City those burial rights for repurchase. The repurchase price shall be the amount originally paid by the owner of the burial rights. If the sale took place more than five years previous, no administrative fee will be charged. If the sale took place less than five years previously an administrative fee will be charged in an amount periodically established in the City Council’s Uniform Fee Schedule.

Transfer of certificate
The City Sexton shall transfer a certificate of burial rights from the original owner to a successor upon proof of legal succession and payment of a transfer fee. The city shall in no way be responsible for a failure to properly determine the legal successorship of the lot owner-purchaser.


Grave Decorations
(a) Grave decorations are limited to flowers, artificial flowers, and National Flags.

(b) The placement of artificial flowers within the cemetery is prohibited during the months of April through October, except as provided in subsection (c) of this section.


(c) Artificial flowers may be placed within the cemetery on the State recognized Holidays only and if placed within the container or receptacle provided in the grave marker.


(d) Any artificial flowers not removed by the owners by April 1 or one week after any Holiday may be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel.


(e) All Funeral flowers and floral pieces will be removed without notice when they become unsightly.


(f) To protect the safety of Cemetery personnel no glass including vases and other containers are permitted and will be removed if found.

Burial of indigents
The City Manager and the Parks Director may authorize the burial of indigents without the payment of the fees required by this Title.

The Parks Director may promulgate rules and regulations necessary for the operation of the cemetery and not inconsistent with this Title.

All burials must be scheduled at least two business days in advance of the planned burial date. All burials must be scheduled before 4:00 p.m. All scheduling for burials must be submitted either by the acting mortuary or by the family of the person to be buried.

Prohibited acts
(a) It is unlawful any person to allow or permit animals to run at large or trespass on cemetery grounds.


(b) It is unlawful for any person to injure, deface, destroy or remove from the grave or lot any monument, marker, tree, shrub, flower, ground or any other property or ornament in the city cemetery, except by written permission of the Public Works Director. For the purposes of this Section, the person who removes such property shall be deemed not to be the owner unless he has previously obtained from the Public Works Director written permission for such removal.


(c) It is unlawful for any person, except for official city maintenance personnel in the performance of their duties, to drive any vehicle over any grave or upon any non-paved area of the cemetery or to drive any motor vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour.


(d) It is unlawful for any person to allow any dog under his/her control or ownership, other than a guide or service dog, specially trained for that purpose, accompanying a blind, visually handicapped, hearing impaired or otherwise physically disabled person, to be in the cemetery, even if under leash.


(e) It is unlawful for any person to inter any person in the city cemetery without first acquiring a right to be buried as evidence by a duly issued certificate of burial rights or other acceptable proof.


(f) It is unlawful for any person to disinter any body buried in the city cemetery or in any cemetery within the limits of West Jordan City except under the direction of the City Sexton. Before disinterment, the City Sexton shall require a permit issued by the board of health and a written order from the owner of the burial rights authorizing such removal, which order shall be filed and preserved by the City Sexton. All such removals shall be recorded by the City Sexton in a book kept for that purpose.

Grave Markers and Monuments (Chapter 14 of City Code )

The monument (as defined herein) size, location on lot, foundation, kind of stones and other materials to be used shall comply with rules and regulations established by West Jordan City.  No monument shall be placed on any lot or grave until approved by the cemetery sexton. The city, without any liability, shall have the right to correct, remove, or have removed any monument placed without the approval of the cemetery sexton or that does not comply with the rules and regulations established herein.


A.        Fencing or Dividers: No plot or block shall be defined by fences, railings, coping, hedges, trees, shrubs, embossing or depression, or any other markers to describe its corners or boundaries unless approved by the city manager or designee.


B.        Headstones, Tombstones, And Markers: Raised markers are allowed in the cemetery. The owners of gravesites or relatives of deceased persons interred in the cemetery are required to erect and maintain, in a manner satisfactory to the city, and at the expense of the plot owner or relatives of the deceased, headstones, markers or other suitable monuments at the head of the gravesite, with the name of the deceased person plainly inscribed thereon. All headstones, tombstones or markers must be in an orderly row and reasonably in line with all other such markers in that block. No bench headstones are allowed to be placed in the cemetery. All upright headstones must be drilled and dowelled and adhesive applied to secure the headstone to the base.


C.        Cement Base: All headstones, tombstones or markers shall have a stone or cement base, level with the ground, extending outward from the outer perimeter of the base and the headstones, tombstones or markers shall be eight inches (8") on all sides, with a minimum  thickness of four inches (4").


D.        Specifications for Raised Markers: The width of a single raised headstone, tombstone or marker shall not exceed twenty-four inches (24"), not including the base. The width of a raised double headstone, tombstone or marker shall not exceed forty-two inches (42"), not including the base. The height of single or double raised headstones, tombstones or markers shall not exceed forty-two inches (42") above ground level. An exception to the maximum height and width requirement may be granted by the city manager or designee for a family marker, but in no event, more than sixty inches (60") above ground level. Only one family marker shall be allowed for each eight (8) plots. Family markers must be aligned within the general alignment of raised or flat markers.


E.         Specifications for Flat Markers: Flat markers shall not be smaller in surface measurement than twelve inches by eighteen inches (12" x 18"), not including the base, and not larger than twenty-one inches by forty-two inches (21" x 42"), not including the base.


F.         Materials: All headstones, tombstones or markers must be made of real bronze, glazed granite or other permanent materials acceptable to the city manager or designee. Headstones, tombstones or markers shall not be made of wood, sandstone or any other material which is susceptible to decay.


G.        Vases: All permanent vases placed in the cement or stone base of the marker or monument and shall be recessed to ground level when not in use. Receptacles in the monument itself are allowed, provided they do not project horizontally beyond the base of the monument.


H.        Liability for Damage: The city shall not be held liable for damage to headstones, tombstones or markers, including any damage caused during cemetery maintenance or resulting from the city moving or transferring a monument, headstones or markers for interment purposes. The maintenance and repair of grave markers including the repositioning of settled grave markers is the responsibility of the individual who purchased the burial plot, the city assumes no responsibility for any damage, regardless of the source of damage, to any grave marker or monument.


I.          Grave markers or monuments shall not be set after October 15th until the following March 1st, or as soon as weather conditions permit thereafter.


J.          If any monument or headstone becomes unsafe, unsightly, in need of repair or resetting, the city shall attempt to notify the owner of the relevant "Certificate of Burial Rights" of such condition and shall request such person to make any needed repairs under the cemetery sexton's supervision. If the owner does not make the needed repairs, the city shall have the right to have the monument or headstone removed at the expense of the lot owner or purchaser to remove, replace, or repair any monument or marker.  (Ord. 17-30, 06-14-2017)

All fees shall be periodically adopted by the City Council and set forth in the City’s Uniform Fee Schedule. Please click on the link to the fees on the Cemetery page to view the full list of fees.

All burial regardless of means disposition and design of casket require a concrete burial vault.
A maximum of two burials may be made in any given burial space, excluding two full sized adult vaults. The combinations permitted are as follows:
(a) One Adult Vault


(b) Two Infant vaults


(c) Two Urn vaults


(d) One Infant, one Urn


(e) One Adult, one Infant


(f) One Adult, one Urn

Cemetery Sexton 
7925 South 1300 West
West Jordan, UT 84088
Office Hours

(excluding all state and federal holidays)

7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Meetings by appointment only.


7800 South 1300 West