Green Waste

The city's green waste program runs the first full week in April through the last full week in November. West Jordan's popular green waste helps extend the life of the landfill by keeping compostable yard clippings out of the landfill. (Once the landfill is full, trash will have to be hauled to a new site and rates will increase.) Green waste containers are collected once a week on a seasonal basis on your normal collection day. Place only loose yard clippings in the container. 

Keep it Clean

  • DO NOT bag any items. 

  • Please DO NOT put dirt, sod, cardboard, garbage, debris, concrete, rocks, or plastic bags in the container. 

  • All materials should fall freely from the container when dumped. 

  • Please do not overload. The lid of the container must close completely and branches should not stick out of the container. 

  • Place container curbside by 6:30 a.m. on your scheduled collection day during the green waste season.


The program is run in partnership with Trans-Jordan Landfill. The green waste is turned into compost that is then sold to the public. The compost is made from yard clippings like grass, leaves, ground wood and organic material. (There is no dirt, manure or bio-solids in the compost.) The mixture is then composted for several months until it is matured and ready for sale. The Landfill also sells a variety of screened wood chips perfect for landscaping and curb appeal.

Public Works
7960 South 4000 West
Fax 801-569-5709
Office Hours
(excluding all state and federal holidays)
7 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Missed trash, green waste or recycling pickups, call
ACE Disposal
To request an additional can, call 801-569-5020
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ACE Disposal provides weekly curbside recycling service for city residents. Place recyclables in the blue recycling can and place it curbside on your collection day. The recycling market continues to change. Please refer to this list for items that are currently accepted for recycling.

Recycle Right Flier

What’s going on with recycling?

Did you know that while your recyclables are collected and sorted here, most of it is sent to China and abroad to be processed and recycled? You may have heard that China recently raised their standards for recycling. These standards include the type of materials accepted, their quality and their condition. In 2017, China passed the National Sword policy banning plastic waste from being imported — for the protection of the environment and people's health — beginning in January 2018.  View this link for additional information on the effects of the ban and this article about China and the ramifications globally of the National Sword policy.

Why can’t I recycle my plastic bags? 

When we pick up your recycling in one of our trucks, it is combined with other people’s recycling and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF. There the material is separated by type so it can be sent to manufacturers for reuse. A long assembly line of people and machines help sort out plastic bottles from aluminum cans, cardboard from paper. The process has a bunch of mechanical elements, and plastic bags quite literally get stuck in the gears and grind the process to a halt. Plastic bags and film are our MRF’s #1 problem; several times a day, they have to completely stop their assembly line to pull plastic bags out of the machinery. 

Grocery store plastic bags are the biggest culprit, but any stretchy plastic will cause the same problems. Besides trash bags, another repeat offender, in this category includes sandwich bags, plastic wrap, produce bags, and quite a bit of packaging. If it’s plastic and you can stretch it, it belongs in the trash. Remember: when in doubt, throw it out. 

How do I Reduce? 

This one is easy- bring your own bags to the grocery store! If that sounds like too much forethought, just keep a couple of reusable bags in your car. They also make bags that fold up quite small for those of the purse-carrying persuasion. For extra credit, bring spare bags for produce, or simply don’t bag fresh items individually. Tupperware can be used in place of Ziploc bags. 

How do I Reuse? 

Zip-top bags can be washed out and reused for the same purpose. Grocery and other bags can be used to line small household trash cans, or to pick up after pets. 

How do I Recycle? 

While plastic bags CANNOT go into your recycle bin, they can be recycled if processed separately. You can drop off your plastic bags to be recycled at any Walmart Supercenter, Lowes, Smiths or Target. Find your nearest plastic bag recycler at

But what about trash bags? 

Please don’t bag your recyclables! Recyclable materials are generally clean, so most people can get away with not lining their indoor bins and rinsing them out if they get dirty. If that’s not possible for you, make sure to shake the recyclables out when you get to your outside container- put the trash bag in the trash where it belongs.

E-Waste & Document Shredding Events:
The City of West Jordan is asking residents to comply with State and Salt Lake County COVID directives. Residents/customers will be asked to wear masks and empty their own containers (of e-waste and paper) into the containers provided and maintain social distancing.


- February 6, 2021

- May 1, 2021

- August 7, 2021

- November 6, 2021

West Jordan residents can bring up to two 'Bankers Boxes' of paper for shredding and residential electronic waste. Documents will be shredded onsite in the west parking lot behind City Hall, 8000 S. Redwood Road from 10 AM to 12 PM. Hard drives can also be shredded if they have been removed from the computer.


Items need to be drop-off ready. Paper needs to be loose - no large binder clips, rubber bands, or binders. Residents can empty any loose papers from their plastic bags into containers provided, but cannot place bagged papers into the containers.


Unfortunately, televisions, CRT monitors, cracked LCDs, batteries, lightbulbs, and printers are not accepted. However, Trans-Jordan Landfill may allow some of those items to be deposited by our residents. Contact Trans-Jordan Landfill for more information: 801-569-8994.

This is NOT a complete list, but some acceptable items include:

- cell phones

- computers and keyboards

- hard drives

- stereos

- fax machines

- iPods

- MP3 players

- DVD players

- laptops

Bring proof of residency or city employment to participate. (driver license, utility bill, or city ID badge.)

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is anything in and around your home that is poisonous, flammable, corrosive or toxic. These include pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, yard care chemicals, pesticides, fuels, batteries, oil, antifreeze, and electronics. Salt Lake County is hosting numerous collection events throughout the County.  For additional information go to the Salt Lake County website or view flier.


Glass Recycling Drop-Off Locations 

West Jordan residents can drop off glass for recycling at two drop-off recycling bins located:

  • Parking lot of the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center, 8125 South 2200 West    

  • NEW LOCATION  Ron Wood Park, 5900 West New Bingham Highway 


The glass recycling program is for residents only. No businesses. All colors, no separation required. But please use the bins ONLY for glass.  No garbage, porcelain, ceramic, plate glass windows, light bulbs or cardboard. If the program is abused, it will be discontinued. 


Holiday Trash Collection Schedule

Containers are picked up on all holidays except for Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. If your collection date falls on one of these holidays, your pickup will be one day later. For example, if a holiday falls on a Tuesday, your collection day will be Wednesday and Wednesday's pickup will be Thursday and etc. through the end of the week. Then the following week will be back to the regular schedule.

General Solid Waste Information

The city contracts with ACE Disposal to provide garbage and recycling services. In addition to curbside garbage, recycling, and green waste collection, West Jordan also offers neighborhood dumpster collection, glass recycling at two locations: the parking lot of the Gene Fullmer Rec Center at 8125 South 2200 West  and the intersection of 7800 South and New Sycamore Drive (7025 West) and quarterly document shred and e-waste recycling events. 


Map of Garbage Pickup Days


Solid Waste Services Brochure