Mrs. West Jordan Using New Title to Help Local Families

“Walking around in heels and pretty dresses is great, but really, I’ve gained a greater understanding of what our community is facing…especially the community of West Jordan.”

Kimberly Frandsen was crowned Mrs. West Jordan earlier this year and she’s using her new title to spread awareness about a topic near and dear to her heart, postpartum depression.

“Sometimes when you become a momma you get lost in a whirlwind of diapers, burping, and late-night feedings. You start to lose a bit of yourself,” explained Frandsen. “What really sparked my interest in the Mrs. Utah Pageant was claiming a part of myself again and with that, I also discovered a community in which women needed resources.”

Frandsen herself has experienced postpartum depression. She is one of more than 3 million women in the U.S. who report feeling mood swings, anxiety, and depression following the birth of their baby.

“You can be happy one minute and sad the next. My husband didn’t quite know how to help me, and neither of us knew where to turn,” said Frandsen. “That’s when we discovered that there needs to be more awareness regarding resources that are available to women and men and families.”

In Frandsen’s search to find help for herself, she’s found a way to help others. She now offers free wellness kits that come equipped with resources to help those battling postpartum depression.

“Check in on yourself,” Frandsen said. “There have been so many women who have shared their own stories of postpartum depression who have really opened up and shared with me what they’ve gone through. It’s OK to say you’re struggling. Let’s start the conversation surrounding mental health.”

If you’d like to learn more about local resources or receive a free wellness kit, email Frandsen at

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood