Beat the Heat – A Message from West Jordan’s Emergency Manager

Our state continues to be hit by excessive heat, red flag warnings (critical fire weather), and high, hot winds warnings.

We live in a modern world where we can control the temperature where we live and work (in some cases). But as the temperatures rise, power companies may struggle to meet demand, which can result in power outages and blackouts. (Rocky Mountain Power has the ability to issue Public Safety Power Shutoff watches.)

So, what can you do if your power goes out?

Become familiar with the signs of heat-related illness: heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and how to treat it.

Be sure to check on family and friends, particularly the elderly, those with chronic illnesses, young children, etc. According to FEMA at, those in these demographics are at a higher risk.

A majority of homes in the City of West Jordan have basements, which are much cooler than the upper floors. Be flexible and make the move to the basement. Have resources you may need to be prepositioned there for your family’s comfort. For those without a basement, the northside of buildings are cooler than the southside, as are rooms without carpeting. And remember, sometimes it’s cooler outside than inside.

Those that have to be outside, whether it’s work or play, should wear a hat, and clothing should cover most of the body and be loose and light-colored. Cotton and other natural fabrics breathe better than synthetics. In addition, like an evaporative cooler, getting your clothing wet will help you keep cool.

There is a lot of advertising on the radio this time of year for window shades and treatments, which can deflect the heat. These can be pricey, but you can line your windows with aluminum foil to reflect the heat.

Most people enjoy a barbecue, so keep it cooler inside by cooking outside. Eat light meals with more fruits and vegetables which produce less body fat and decrease water loss. And drink water, even when you’re not thirsty.

Beat the heat and enjoy the summer!

If you would like information about emergency preparedness, contact Jeffory Mulcahy, West Jordan Emergency Manager, 801-834-8502, or

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood