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Google Fiber Update – 2023

Last year, the City of West Jordan announced it had entered a license agreement with Google Fiber, allowing the internet service provider to soon offer high-speed internet access to residents and businesses throughout the city.

What’s the latest update?

This month, Google’s contracted construction crews are starting work on the ‘Google Fiber Hut,’ the ‘brain’ of the network which eventually will have the ability to take any new West Jordan customers online. West Jordan is one of several cities where Google is building its infrastructure and the company says it takes time to get customers online.

Building the network involves laying thousands of miles of brand-new fiber-optic cable. Those cables, made of glass, must avoid any city infrastructure below ground. Right now, few homes have direct access to fiber networks. Read more.

Google Fiber and your Home:

After residents in eligible areas sign up for service, the wait could vary and last several months. Google will send customers an email when they are ready to install fiber in their home. Google is responsible for alerting potential customers of when they will be in their neighborhoods.

Crews will work their way through the city laying fiber and send postcards to residents who may be impacted. If you notice any issues after crews work through your neighborhood (debris in road, broken streetlights) please let us know by filling out a service request.

For any questions about fiber, call Google’s Customer support line: (866)-777-7550 or go to google.com/fiber/support.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood