WJPD Participate in a Different Type of Rodeo

Over the weekend, West Jordan played host to the 2nd Annual Police Motor Rodeo, attracting skilled Motor Officers from across the state. This event showcased six West Jordan Motor Officers, who left with some pretty impressive achievements to their name.

West Jordan Police Sergeant, Andrew Hercules, shared his excitement, saying, “It was an amazing experience to be part of an event that featured some of the best motorcycle riders in the state.”

Our officers engaged in four challenging events that put their motorcycle riding skills to the test, and they excelled in all of them:

  • In the Individual Rider Event, WJPD secured a commendable 3rd Place.
  • The Pair Riding Event saw WJPD clinching the coveted 1st Place.
  • In the 4-Man Team Riding Event, WJPD showcased their teamwork, securing both 1st and 2nd Places.
  • The Slow Race event saw WJPD gracefully securing 2nd Place.

Sgt. Hercules added, “It was really fun to test our skills and compete against other departments and friends. Plus, it was awesome to see members of the public showing their support.”

Beyond the thrill of competition, this event serves a valuable purpose by enhancing the officers’ riding skills, ultimately making them better riders for their day jobs. Sgt. Hercules explained, “As motor officers, we have to master maneuvering these 1,000-pound bikes at both slow and high speeds. All the challenges we faced during the event directly translate to our responsibilities on the road.”

While our officers take great pride in their numerous accolades, they attribute their success to their tireless dedication, rigorous training, and genuine passion for their work.

“If you want to be part of one of the state’s best motor units, we welcome you to join our team!” exclaimed Sgt. Hercules.

Interested in becoming part of our unit? You can apply online at westjordan.utah.gov/police/recruiting-hiring/.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood