West Jordan City Recorder Named City Recorder of the Year

On Wednesday, October 11th, West Jordan’s City Recorder, Tangee Sloan, will be recognized by the City Council, for her recent and well-deserved achievement. Last month, Sloan was awarded “City Recorder of the Year” a prestigious honor presented annually to an exceptional city recorder within the state of Utah.

Expressing her gratitude, Sloan shared her surprise, acknowledging the many deserving city recorders throughout the state. She attributed her success to a relentless dedication to her role and commitment to enhancing customer service, particularly in handling passports. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into the City Recorder’s office and the services we offer. I’m incredibly grateful for the recognition and support from West Jordan’s administration and council,” Sloan said.

While the City Recorder’s office may not always be in the spotlight, it plays a pivotal role in the community. Here are five essential functions of Sloan’s office you should know about:

  1. Passport Services: You can apply for and renew your passport right at the City Recorder’s office. This year, the city has completed nearly 5,000 passports alone. This convenient service has been available for three years now, allowing you to save time. Appointments can be scheduled online.
  2. Overseeing Municipal Elections: Tangee Sloan’s office plays a crucial role in municipal elections. With the upcoming general election, your ballots will be mailed out during the week of Halloween. Keep an eye on your mailbox and ensure that your voice is heard by casting your vote. View the list of West Jordan candidates here.
  3. Notary Services: Need a document notarized? The City Recorder’s office offers this service, and you can drop by without an appointment. For West Jordan residents, this service is complimentary, while non-residents are charged a nominal fee of $5.
  4. Marriage License Issuance: Although the City Recorder’s office is a hub of various services, it does not issue marriage licenses. This responsibility falls under the jurisdiction of the county. For marriage license inquiries, visit the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office.
  5. Deeds and Home Ownership: If you’re looking for records related to the deeds of your home, you’ll need to turn to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office. The City Recorder’s office does not maintain these documents. For more information on this matter, please visit the County Recorder’s website.

As we celebrate Tangee Sloan’s exceptional work and her recent accolade, it’s essential to recognize the diverse and vital functions that the City Recorder’s office undertakes to serve the West Jordan community.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood