The Truth About Recycling in West Jordan: Making a Sustainable Impact

West Jordan City residents, made a noticeable impact in recycling in 2023. Last year, ACE Recycling & Disposal delivered 100% of our city’s recyclable materials to appropriate facilities, ensuring that every effort counts toward a sustainable future.

Let’s break down the numbers:

Mixed Recycling Stream Contamination: The “Mixed Recycling Stream Contamination” measures non-recyclable materials found in recycling collections. Things like food waste, plastic bags, or materials that cannot be recycled in the standard recycling process. In West Jordan, the contamination rate is just 28%, exceeding the 30% target for cleaner recycling streams.

Paper Recycling: West Jordan City recycled 406 tons of paper last year. (That number is comparable to the weight of approximately 406 small cars or 812,000 pounds!) This effort saved approximately 6,902 mature trees from being harvested and preserved 1,218 cubic yards of landfill space.

Cardboard Recycling: With a whopping 2,656 tons of cardboard recycled in 2023, West Jordan City effectively conserved the equivalent of 1,859,200 gallons of water (about 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools) and a substantial 7,968 cubic yards of landfill space!

Metal Recycling: A total of 160 tons of metal found new life through recycling efforts in West Jordan City.
160 tons of metal is the weight of around 640 grand pianos or nearly 3,200 washing machines! That’s a mountain of metal just waiting to be transformed through recycling into new and useful products. This action saved the equivalent of 288 barrels of oil and spared 640 cubic yards of landfill space.

Plastic Recycling: West Jordan City recycled an impressive 412 tons of plastic last year alone. 412 tons of plastic is equivalent to the weight of about 82 fully loaded commercial airplanes or approximately 1,028,000 basketballs! Imagine all those basketballs stacked up together – that’s the weight of the plastic material that was recycled in our city last year.

In essence, every recycled item you place in the bin is like planting a seed for a better tomorrow. With each can, bottle, or box you recycle, you’re inadvertently becoming a sustainability champion. Thank you for your commitment to making West Jordan a shining example of responsible recycling practices!

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood