Green Waste Pick-up Begins First Full Week of April

Though it may not feel like it, spring has arrived. West Jordan’s Green Waste Program begins April 7 and will continue through the last full week of November.

This year, due to a shift in waste processing at the landfill, residents may notice a change in the green waste collection process. Green waste and regular trash will be collected by the same truck, making things smoother, cutting down on emissions, and reducing the number of trucks on our streets.

Another important part of this new approach is that you can now mix regular trash in with grass clippings and leaves. Organic materials break down quickly, which helps other waste break down faster at the landfill, especially the stuff that naturally decomposes. It’s like giving our trash a helping hand to break down more efficiently. Please continue to place only approved recyclable materials in your blue can. Acceptable items include paper, cardboard, plastics, and metal cans. Visit our website for a full list of acceptable materials.

Learn more about garbage in West Jordan by visiting:

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood