West Jordan is working hard this Spring to prepare for Summer – here’s how you can help!

Low-hanging tree blocks WJ street sweeper

As spring unfolds, West Jordan is gearing up for the upcoming summer months, ensuring that the city is ready for all that lies ahead!

With parks reopening this month, residents can once again enjoy access to public restrooms and drinking fountains. These facilities, closed during winter to prevent pipe freezing, are now back in action for everyone to use.

But it’s not just about reopening amenities; it’s also about community involvement. As we tidy up the city, we invite residents to join us in our cleanup efforts. Keep an eye out for our upcoming dumpster day and e-waste events.

And let’s not forget about green waste! Our green waste program is up and running until the last full week in November. So, as you trim your trees and tidy up your yards, remember to use your green waste can.

As summer approaches, we’re shifting gears from snowplows to street sweepers. But here’s where we need your help: make sure your trees are trimmed. If they’re not, it makes it difficult for our sweepers to do their job effectively.

And finally, keep in the ‘know’ with all things construction. Stay updated on all the projects taking place in our city by visiting our construction page.

Let’s work together to make this summer in West Jordan the best one yet!

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood