West Jordan Bike Park

The West Jordan Wheels Park will feature a variety of fun and unique facilities for bike riders of all ages and abilities. From the only mirrored head-to-head, race-ready paved pump track in the region to a rad mix of slopestyle, jump and flow trails, the Wheels Park promises to deliver a thrilling and progressive experience for local bike riders of all ability levels. On top of the many options available during regular park hours, the park will include race venues for two different cycling disciplines: head-to-head pump track racing and dual slalom racing. Both courses will be capable of hosting regular community races, adding a completely unique dynamic to the park that is aligned with the rapid growth in competitive youth cycling in the Salt Lake Valley. Key to the design and layout are elevated terraced areas off the central spine and other viewing areas so family, friends and fellow riders can watch the action comfortably. There are also seamless connections between bike and skate zones so users of all types can smoothly transition between areas to get a taste of all styles: pump, street, park and more. 

West Jordan Wheels Park is currently under construction at 8600 S and Ron Wood Park Road. Just East of the pickle ball courts at Ron Wood Park (5900 W New Bingham Hwy).

Pump Track Zone

We heard the community loud and clear: a single paved pump track is just too crowded on a busy day for riders of all skill levels to have their fair share of fun. That’s why the West Jordan Wheels Park will feature two separate tracks including a beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced track. The beginner track is big and flowy enough to not get boring while remaining approachable for new riders, while the “big track” will scratch the itch for all of the more experienced shredders. Our goal in providing two tracks, including this expanded beginner to intermediate setup, is to allow for proper skill progression that helps keep every rider safe and still delivers plenty of smiles. The tracks total almost 20,000 sq. ft. of ride surface which is nearly double other local pump tracks. The asphalt surface promises to run fast and smooth for all types of wheels.

Intermediate to Advanced Mirrored Pump Track

Combining a head-to-head race course with free-flowing creative line choices, this massive paved pump track will keep you entertained for hours. Designed for more experienced riders, the track features fast lines, steep berms, jumpable features, fun transitions, and crossovers and, of course, mirrored lines for doing laps with your riding buddies or participating in organized races. Skilled skaters and scooter riders are welcome to join the fun, too!

Beginner to Intermediate Pump Track:

Basic beginner oval pump tracks can get boring quickly, so we amped things up a notch by expanding the track and adding options that allow total beginners and riders looking to step-up to the advanced track to progress their skills in a safe and fun environment. Berms heights, roller spacing and jumpable features will all be sized appropriately for this skill level.

Future Bike Trail Zone

Slated for Phase 2 of the park, this area will include multiple trails with plenty of jumps and flow for a gravity-induced good time at West Jordan Wheels Park. Starting from a common elevated starting area with great viewing opportunities for fellow riders and spectators, riders will be able to drop into an expert slopestyle line with pro-level options, a dual slalom / intermediate slopestyle hybrid line or a beginner slopestyle trail. As with the mirrored pump track, our goal was not only to provide an exciting progressive experience every day but to also accommodate competitive events such as dual slalom racing and slopestyle competitions. Each line will be a mixture of dirt and wood features to deliver maximum fun and sustainability.

Beginner Slopestyle

This is where it all begins. Dropping in from the elevated start area, riders will be treated to rollers, berms, tabletop jumps and beginner-friendly wood features that progress their skills in a safe and approachable environment.

Dual Slalom / Intermediate Slopestyle

Why have just one intermediate slopestyle flow trail when you can put two next to each other and race your riding buddies down the hill? This trail will be a step up from the beginner line by introducing higher speeds and more challenging features constructed of both dirt and wood. While it will function as a super fun blue run on a daily basis, it will also be possible to host organized dual slalom races here if the community desires.

Expert Slopestyle

This line is where you can expect real-deal slopestyle features, lippy jumps, proper gaps and other elements worthy of highly experienced riders. Pro-level park users will find a few alternate options to practice their skills and give fellow riders and spectators something to aspire to. As with the beginner and intermediate lines this trail will be comprised of a combination of wooden and dirt features.

Future Bike Trails

Lucky for us there is still room for more fun bike trails and features after building out the first two phases above. These additional trails could be implemented in the same area as the beginner, intermediate and advanced slopestyle lines as well as in the utility easement land just to the east. You can provide your thoughts on what to add by taking our survey.

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