The Stormwater Division is committed to safely delivering stormwater to drainage outfalls and minimizing any potential flooding through aggressive cleaning and maintenance of the storm drain system. The Stormwater system consists of all gutters, grates, detention ponds, storm inlets, pipes, culverts and any drainage system used to collect rainwater and snowmelt and deliver it to appropriate streams in order to prevent flooding and property damage throughout the city. State and federal EPA laws require all cities to collect storm runoff and minimize the pollution it carries downstream. All water in Utah is publically owned by the state.


Stormwater Management Plan


Illicit Discharge

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines an illicit discharge as, "any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater." City storm drain inlets are located all over the City to collect storm water to help alleviate flooding. These storm drain systems drain directly to the Jordan River. Any material that enters the storm drain system, beyond rainwater, poses a risk to wildlife and contaminates our creeks, rivers, and streams. This includes soaps, detergents, paint, wash-out debris, and even leaves and grass clippings. These types of discharges are illegal and pose a health risk to all of us. If you see someone putting anything into a City storm drain, please report it immediately! 

Daytime Stormwater Hotline        801-330-4544 or 801-503-5865

After-hours Stormwater Hotline   385-270-7482


We all live downstream

Homeowner's Guide to Flood Mitigation

Stormwater Fee Billing Policy


Stormwater Rates

Stormwater utility rates can be found here.

Customer service for city utilities is a joint effort of the Public Works and Finance departments.



The City of West Jordan Stormwater Division partners with the State Department of Environmental Quality, Salt Lake County, Utah State University and other agencies to ensure that storm runoff is properly collected and managed. More information can be found at the following websites:













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Stormwater Hotline or to Report Illicit Discharge
Daytime        801-330-4544
After-Hours   385-270-7482

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