It’s that time of year, the city’s culinary wells will be going online this week. Please be aware that the water hardness will be going up and the chemistry will change as it blends with the purchased Jordan Valley water throughout the water system. If you have any questions please contact Public Works at 801-569-5700. Work will continue into October 2019.

Safe, Clean & Dependable Water

The Water Division works to ensure the community's drinking water is clean and meets all established standards. The city buys about 85% of its wholesale treated water from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (water sources include mountain reservoirs, springs, wells, and other sources). The remaining approximately 15% comes from city-owned wells in the southwestern quadrant of the city. 

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Water Testing

To make sure our water is safe, the Water Department takes more than 100 samples each month. They test to make sure the levels for chlorine and disinfectant byproducts are safe, they look for bacteria and viruses and monitor natural contaminants like lead and copper. If a test indicates a potential problem, additional testing takes place to pinpoint or rule out the problem. We have a specific protocol in place, which includes notifying both the JVWCD and the State Division of Drinking Water to ensure the public is protected. Frequent water sampling and testing ensure the drinking water maintains its integrity and quality. Water quality information is reported each year in the Water Quality Report.



In accordance with the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, JVWCD has been adding fluoride to your drinking water since October 2003. The amount added combines with the naturally occurring fluoride in your water to provide a concentration level of about 0.7 mg/l at your tap. This regulation is the result of a majority vote of Salt Lake County residents. It is intended "to promote public health through the protection and maintenance of dental health" (SLVHD, Reg. #33). Chlorine is also added as required by the State of Utah.  

In the Event of An Emergency

In the event our water system was contaminated, we would use every communication method we have to spread the word to those impacted, including the city website, the West Jordan City Hall Facebook page, email notifications, news media, door-to-door notification of affected residents and the 911 Callback system. If you have not registered your cell phone for emergency phone notifications, please take a minute to do so by visiting our emergency communications page. The City of West Jordan is committed to delivering quality water and service.


Utility Rates 

The water fund is funded through direct charges for service rather than tax dollars. Water rate information can be found here or visit the Utilities webpage.


Customer service for city utilities is a joint effort of the Public Works and Finance departments.

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