2021 At-Large Candidate Filings

Kayleen Whitelock

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: I'm Kayleen Whitelock and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to represent you on the West Jordan City Council.  Born and raised in Utah I've lived for the past 37 years in West Jordan.  My husband Dan and I have 7 children, 8 grandchildren.  I attended both Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah.  After completing school I worked in the field of nursing, and served as director of a pharmaceutical research company.  My past experiences have provided multiple opportunities to coordinate, and lead. I'm fiscally responsible, dedicated, and responsive to residents. To learn more

Mike S. Withers

Declaration of Candidacy 

Candidate Profile: Mike Withers is licensed Professional Land Surveyor. He has been practicing for over 20 years. He comes from a family of surveyors, he has been steeped in civil projects from a young age. Mike served on the West Jordan General Plan Committee. UCLS Legislative Committee. Organized Neighborhood Watches. Is a Businessman and Professional. First and foremost Mike is a Family man. Father of 3 girls. Mike has worked with State, Federal and Municipal government and know what it takes.

His expertise will undoubtedly help the City of West Jordan and its citizens.


Hobbies; Bee Keeping, Gardening, Metal Art, Motorcycling Camping 




Contact Us
City Recorder's Office
8000 S. Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
City Hall Hours

(excluding all state & federal holidays)

8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Pamela Bloom

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: I’m Pamela Bloom and would love to earn your vote for West Jordan City Council. I grew up in the Air Force and moved to Utah in 1999. I’ve majored in media studies, film, photography and now I’m back at the U finishing a degree in Political Science. I currently serve on the West Jordan Planning Commission. I will bring a positive energy, a desire to work together and a drive to create long term plans that keep our taxes fair, our growth smart and our community thriving. To learn more visit

Mikey Smith

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: My family and I have lived in West Jordan for several years. I love our city and I’m familiar with the unique challenges we face. I am a proven leader who has straight-forward, specific solutions to these challenges and a clear vision for West Jordan’s future. I believe that we can make the positive changes necessary to set us on a sustainable path forward and to be a beacon of progress within the state.  Learn more about my platform and ways to get involved at

S. Cooper Fasselin - WITHDRAWN

Tyrone Fields

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: Coming soon

Bruce R. Cutler - WITHDRAWN

Craig F. Heath

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: 

My name is Craig F. Heath and my dog and I live in West Jordan. I am retired, a Conservative Christian Republican and a Viet Nam Navy Veteran. I am a member at the Assembly of God, Life Church in West Valley. My background is, Management, Lighting and Construction. The Office I am running for is West Jordan, City Council at Large. My goal is to make a difference in West Jordan and stand up for “what is right” in West Jordan, the State of Utah and The United States of America. God Bless America.

Thank you for your vote

Kelvin Green

Declaration of Candidacy


Candidate Profile: I am Kelvin Green. Not only do I live in West Jordan, but my family and I operate a small business here.   

I am married and have three children that graduated from West Jordan High. My 39 years of military service, 34 years as an Intelligence Officer, 4 years on the Planning Commission, 20 plus years as a football and basketball referee, and being member of the Bar including Supreme Court of the United States combine to make me an effective Council Member.  I’d ask for your vote! Go to for more information or on Facebook @kelvinforcouncil

Chad Lamb

Declaration of Candidacy

Candidate Profile: It has been an honor to serve on the West Jordan City Council. I have lived in my current home in West Jordan for 20 years now and love everything about the city where we live. Before being elected in 2017, I had the opportunity to get involved as a concerned citizen with development that was happening in my own backyard.  Now the knowledge I have gained and the relationships I have created in my time on the Council will be very beneficial for the city moving forward.  To learn more visit my website

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