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Preference for Resident Suppliers or Contractors

The city shall grant a 5% preference to resident suppliers or contractors for purchases under $20,000.00. If the resident supplier is within 5% of the lowest quoted non-resident supplier, the resident supplier will have the opportunity to match the lower quoted amount in writing within 72 hours, provided they possess a current city business license and are otherwise qualified and meet all applicable specifications. (2001 Code § 2-7-310; amd. Ord. 16-08, 01-27-2016)

November 19, 2019

West Jordan City on behalf of the West Jordan Public Works Department (OWNER) is seeking bids from qualified contractors to Refurbish and Upgrade Well #4 located at approximately 9361 Hawley Park Road (5600 West), south of West Jordan Fire Station #54.


Submit your bids electronically through the Utah Public Procurement Place (U3P) by 2:00 p.m. current Mountain Time on November 19, 2019.  


When submitting an offer electronically through the Utah Public Procurement Place, please allow sufficient time to complete the online forms and upload documents.  The solicitation will end at the closing time listed in the offer.  It is recommended that the submission process be completed the day prior to the due date, with the knowledge that any changes/updates will be accepted through the due date and time. 

Jaggaer customer support may be contacted at (800) 233-1121 for guidance on the Utah Public Procurement Place site.

Vendors are responsible for ensuring that their Utah Public Procurement Place registration information is current and correct.  Stakeholders shall not be responsible for missing or incorrect information contained in the vendor registration in the Utah Public Procurement Place. Incorrect or missing vendor registration information may result in failure to receive notification from the Utah Public Procurement Place regarding this procurement.

Bids received after this deadline will be late and ineligible for consideration. 

Questions arising subsequent to the issuance of this bid, that could have a significant impact on the responses to the bid, should be submitted in the bid Question and Answer section Event Number # WJPW20103101 at the Utah Public Procurement Place.  All such questions should be received by November 12, 2019 @ 10:00 a.m. current Mountain Time. Answers to questions will be posted on the Utah Public Procurement Place which will then email the answer to all Vendors that downloaded the IFB.

Only written clarifications and addenda issued by the Purchasing Department will be binding for bid evaluation and award.

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