Good Landlord Program
Program Overview

According to a study, rental dwellings comprise a higher percentage of calls for public safety services. The average number of calls per unit to renter-occupied single-family dwellings is 78%  higher than the average number of calls to owner-occupied single-family dwellings.

In order to support the demand for public safety services to rental dwellings, a disproportionate service fee has been adopted that affects all owners of rental properties.  However, rather than penalize rental property owners, the City offers a discount to those who help ease the demand for services through our Good Landlord Program. The program gives landlords with rental properties in West Jordan an incentive for helping the City reduce the demand for public safety services, like police and fire, by following guidelines that promote a safe living environment.

Landlords who choose to participate in the Good Landlord Program will receive a discount, as much as 97% less than the standard fee, on the disproportionate service fees that will be charged for each rental dwelling. In addition to the discount that will be given to participating members of the program, landlords are likely to have better tenants for their properties, the crime occurring at rental dwellings will be reduced, and the community will be safer as a whole.

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Cost for Non-Participating vs Participating Landlords

Participating in the City's Good Landlord Program can save you up to 97%!


                                                       Non-Participating                 Participating                                                                                        

Application Fee                                          $53                                   $53

License fee                                                 $44                                   $44    


Disproportionate Service Fee Per Unit

Single Family Rental                                   $168                                  $21

Duplex Rental                                             $34                                    $21

Multi-Family Rental                                     $171                                  $21

Condominium Rental                                  $171                                  $21

Mobile Home                                              $32                                    $32

What is a Disproportionate Service Fee?
Disproportionate service fees are assessed based on the disproportionate amount of public safety services (police and fire) provided to the various classes of rental dwellings. Rental dwellings have been proven to have a greater impact on police and fire service per capita by a study completed in May 2009 by Wikstrom Economic and Planning Consultants. For example, single-family rental dwellings as a group have an average of 78% more calls for service annually than owner-occupied homes.  The resources used on rental dwellings is, therefore, disproportionate to the percentage of the community represented. 


In order to offset the higher cost of providing services to rental properties, the City has adopted disproportionate service fees.  However, simply charging higher fees for service does not alleviate the problem.  The Good Landlord Program enables the City to partner with landlords to reduce calls for service while at the same time making our community safer. 


Utah Apartment Association

The property management education approved by the City will be provided by the Utah Apartment Association. Information regarding dates, times, and cost of the classes are available on their website or call 801-487-5619. Some information is also available in our FAQs. The Utah Apartment Association supports cities that adopt Good Landlord programs.


Program Requirements

Participation in the Good Landlord Program is contingent upon the landlord complying with the following requirements.

1. Completion and approval of the application.
2. Completion of at least 4 hours of City approved **property management education during the first year and completion of at least 4 hours of education for each following year.
3. The property owner must be current with all fees, fines or penalties assessed by or due to the City.
4. Execution of a written, binding agreement with the City regarding the landlord's obligations; download contract by clicking here.


**The property management education approved by the City will be provided by the Utah Apartment Association. Information regarding dates, times, and cost of the classes are available on their website or call 801-487-5619. Some information is also available in our FAQs.  The Utah Apartment Association supports cities that adopt Good Landlord programs.


Landlord Obligation

1. Tenant screening: Owner shall perform all of the following screening requirements for all tenants prior to move-in:
    a. Application: Owner shall require each prospective tenant to complete a rental application including the tenant's information, and keep the application on file for the full term of the lease.
    b. Driver's license or state identification: Owner shall require every prospective tenant and each occupant who is 18 or older to provide a driver's license or state ID, and keep a copy of such on file for the full term of the lease.
    c. Credit check: Owner shall obtain a credit history from every prospective tenant who is 18 or older, and keep the credit application on file for the full term of the lease.
    d. Income/employment verification: Owner shall obtain income/employment verification for every prospective tenant.
    e. Rental references: Owner shall obtain contact information for all of a prospective tenant's previous landlords within the last 3 years, and the owner shall contact these previous landlords to determine the credit and tenant history of each prospective tenant.

2. Tenant selection: Owner shall consider the following criteria, at a minimum, for tenant selection and will refuse to rent to any prospective tenant or occupant who:
    a. Provided false information to the owner on the application or otherwise.
    b. Appear on the Utah sex offender registry.

3. Eviction: Owner will promptly evict tenants that do not meet the requirements or are, or become, involved in illegal activities.

4. Executed lease: Owner shall execute a valid, written lease agreement with each tenant, which shall include the provisions listed in any owner training packet prepared by the licensing authority.

5. Owner training: As part of the continuing education requirement, the owner agrees to attend and complete a city-approved owner training program every four years.

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