Master Plans
Master Plans

The Utility Planning Division provides the City with information regarding the location and scheduling needs for master plan improvements that will allow the City to expand and grow based on the current general plan. All new development plans submitted to the City will be reviewed by the Utility Planning Department.

Sanitary Sewer 

West Jordan owns the wastewater delivery system from the public right of way to the borders of the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility. New development is required to connect to a City system with adequate capacity to handle the new discharge.

Storm Drain
Excess storm water from the City of West Jordan is discharged into regional canals, natural drainage channels, and the Jordan River. All new development is required to detain on-site and release into a City system at a prescribed rate. The Utility Planning Division identifies areas with possible flooding potential and must approve any new discharges into the public system. Master plan,
flood plain, stream alteration and UPDES information is available for use by design professionals.The 2015 Storm Drain Master Plan Report and Figures is a guidance document and is subject to update or re-evaluation based on new information. 

This Master Transportation Plan outlines the plan for planning and maintaining the overall city transportation network. The first West Jordan Master Transportation Plan was completed in 1998 and this Plan is an update to it.

Culinary water for West Jordan is provided by wells and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.  West Jordan owns and operates well water production facilities, culinary water delivery systems, water storage facilities and water transition facilities.

Future Land Use Map

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