Meet West Jordan’s Newest Park – Maple Hills

There’s a new place to play in West Jordan! Maple Hills Park is nestled in the Maples Neighborhood on the west side of the city. It features swings, a jungle gym, slides, a wheels park, and more!

“This park is the first of its kind in West Jordan,” said Public Services Director Isaac Astill. “This entire park is designed for wheels. Concrete is poured along all sections so you can ride smoothly around the entire area.”

Visitors can bring their skateboards, bikes, rollerblades, scooters, and other non-motorized toys to the park to take on ramps, ledges, and berms.

Many amenities in the park are also ADA-complaint and accessible by wheelchair – the merry-go-round features a specific spot for a wheelchair to enter and sit when in use.

But this park isn’t just all made for wheels – it features large fields for picnics and small ball games, as well as natural grassy areas that help cut down on watering and maintenance.

“We worked to reduce the amount of sod in the park,” explained Astill. “43-percent of the park is made of other surfaces or natural grasses. The natural grass areas require about 10-percent of watering that normal sod requires, we’ll also only need to mow that natural grass twice a year.”

If residents see that natural grass getting a bit high, don’t fret -it’s supposed to. In fact, it’s supposed to grow up to 18-inches tall.

After two years of construction, the city and residents are happy to have another place to bring the community together.

Maple Hills Park is located at 7400 south and 6400 West.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood