Joint Statement – West Jordan SWAT Called on Possible School Shooting

Earlier this week, West Jordan patrol officers and tactical operators were called to the scene of a possible active-shooter situation at an elementary school in a neighboring community. We are relieved that this was a false-alarm, and while we hope that these kind of events never occur in our community, we train for the possibility that they may.

We’ve received questions from the community regarding how prepared our city is to respond to an incident of this nature. The situation this past week was a good demonstration of Incident Command, allocation of resources and SWAT teams who quickly responded to the scene. The West Jordan Police Department has a strong partnership with the Jordan School District, who allow us to post highly-trained school resource officers in your children’s schools that work every day to keep kids and staff safe, even at the costs of their lives. 

We are glad that the situation at the elementary school ended the way it did and that everyone involved acted out of an abundance of caution – this will better prepare us and our neighboring police departments to keep our communities safe.

Did you know that you can sign up for emergency text alerts from the City of West Jordan? Text WJALERTS to 91896. Find more information on our website:

– Mayor Dirk Burton and Chief Ken Wallentine

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood