Off Road Vehicle causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage at West Jordan’s newest park

Spotted at Maple Hills Park (6543 W 7400 S): tire marks in the grass, left behind by an off-highway vehicle. It might seem like driving on frozen grass isn’t a big deal but incidents like this are an expensive fix for the city. Even a side-by-side, can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

The West Jordan Parks Department says when a lawn is covered in snow, the grass blades are literally frozen. When a heavy object presses on those frozen blades, the expanded water molecules can slide through the grass causing significant damage.

This isn’t the only park this has happened at this year. With the popularity of off road vehicles, we’re seeing an increase in this type of vandalism in our parks.

We know you’re excited about the OHV you got for Christmas this year, but please be sure to keep them out of city parks.

Driving on grass at city parks is illegal and can be considered vandalism. Please report any vandalism to the West Jordan Police Department: 801-840-4000.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood