2023 Brings Winter Weather to West Jordan

Wow, what winter weather we’ve had! Many parts of West Jordan reported receiving more than six inches of snowfall over the weekend. The city appreciates your patience, during storms like these, as we work to clear nearly 900 miles of roads! Here are some things to know about snow and West Jordan.

We plow based on priority:

Priority 1: Arterial and Major Collector Streets

Priority 2: Subdivision Collector Streets

Priority 3: All other residential through streets (excluding cul-de-sacs)

Priority 4: Cul-de-sacs and other dead-end streets

Streets with higher traffic volume have a higher priority for snow removal service. Streets with lover traffic volume have lower priority for snow removal service.

Keep in mind – if another storm passes through the area before all streets have been cleared, the process starts over from the beginning with the priority one streets.

Help our plow drivers by moving your parked car off the street:

Current city ordinance prohibits parking on the street from November 1st through April 30th. Snow removal in inclement weather is challenging on a clear road, let alone a road packed with parked cars. Please remove your cars, trailers, portable basketball hoops, and garbage cans from the street when snowplows are out. All street parking is handled by West Jordan City Police Department. Call 801-840-4000 to report.

There are streets in our city that are plowed by other agencies:

West Jordan is home to some state highways – these streets are plowed by the Utah Department of Transportation.

  • Redwood Road
  • Bangerter Highway
  • 7000 South from the Jordan River to Redwood Road
  • 9000 South from the Jordan River to 5600 W
  • U-111 from New Bingham Highway to the Northern city border
  • Mountain View Corridor

Crews are still working through neighborhoods – if they haven’t reached your street, please call our Public Works Department: 801-569-5700 or email: public.works@westjordan.utah.gov.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood