Meet West Jordan’s Newest Workers – with Gills!

West Jordan’s Plum Creek pond is now home to a little more than a dozen Triploid Grass Carp. These fish aren’t just here for residents to spot while visiting the park, they have an important job.

These carp consume twice their body weight in algae a day! Right now, they are about 8-10 inches long but the more they eat the bigger they’ll grow. The city anticipates they’ll grow to be about 3-4 feet long. These fish offer a natural way to mitigate the algae in this pond which can start to smell and look unsightly over time.

These fish are sterile so they cannot reproduce, we ask that residents please let these fish do their job! They are not meant to be caught – and are actually illegal to transport without a permit from the Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Resources.

Next time you visit the pond in the park, keep in mind the hard working fish eating to keep it clean!

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood