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Police Chief Ken Wallentine
8040 S. Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
Fax  801-562-2105
Emergency: Dial 9-1-1
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(excluding all state and federal holidays)

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Please submit the following form (email is not monitored 24/7):

Extra Patrol Request

If you would like an extra patrol in your neighborhood, please fill out and submit the request form at the bottom of the page.


Missing Persons

Please contact our police dispatch line at 801-840-4000 to report a runaway or missing person immediately. Please collect as much information as possible on the runaway or missing person like: 

  • Full name

  • Date of Birth

  • Approximate height and weight

  • Hair and eye color

  • Scars, tattoos and/or piercings

  • Social Security Number

  • Name of school person is attending (if applicable)

  • Name of state the driver’s license was issued (if applicable)

  • Vehicle description and license plate number

  • Date, time, and location the person was last seen and by whom

  • Description of clothing person was last seen wearing

  • Is the person currently under a doctor’s care?

  • What medication (if any) is the person taking?

  • Is there a history of running away?

  • Is there a history of the person leaving for periods of time without notifying anyone?

  • Does the person have mental health issues?

  • Names, phone numbers, and addresses of friends and acquaintances

  • Where are the person’s usual hangouts?

  • Banking institution information for credit cards, debit cards, checking and saving accounts


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


Property Return Request

You must submit a Request for Return of Property form to  or contact the evidence custodian at 801-256-2056. The detective assigned to your case will be notified, and if the property is no longer needed for the investigation, the technician will attempt to notify the owner.

When reclaiming property from the police department, you must provide a picture ID, the case number and a description of the property being requested.

Property is released by appointment only. Contact the evidence custodian at 801-256-2056 between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. to schedule an appointment.


School Crossings

The crossing guards for the City of West Jordan are trained safety professionals. Our main focus is to get all pedestrians on their way safely.  In order to make it a safe environment for all we ask you to obey a few safety rules.


When the crossing guard is still in the crossing, please do not go through the crosswalk. A child could dart back into the street and get hit. 


School Crossing Times and Locations


When near a crosswalk:

  1. Please do not make right turns when the crossing guard is still in the crosswalk.

  2. No riding bikes in the crosswalk.

  3. When the 20 mph lights are flashing, go 20mph or less. 


Thanks for your help in this matter. If we all work together we can make the crossings safe for all. Please email with any questions or comments.


Speed Board Request

Submit a request for a temporary speed board by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Traffic Accident Reports

To better serve our citizens and insurance carriers in need of a traffic accident report, West Jordan Police Department has partnered with and has implemented an online dissemination program to provide our accident reports securely, online.

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to obtain a copy of a traffic accident report, please allow 7-10 days from the date of the accident to allow the report to be submitted, processed and approved for release by the West Jordan Police Department. Traffic accident reports resulting in a death/fatality or involving an on-duty emergency vehicle are not available online – you may obtain those reports from the City Records Division.

Alarm Permit

Fill out the alarm permit application and email it to

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is more than locks and hardware. It's a way of life. It's you becoming aware and involved. We need you to be the eyes and ears of the police department. The West Jordan Police Department Crime Prevention Unit provides training to neighborhoods, businesses, civic groups, church groups and individuals on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. We want to partner with you to reduce crime and the fear of crime in your community.

The West Jordan Police Department is committed to providing our community with the finest police services possible. With the combined effort of West Jordan residents, business owners, apartment managers, and the police department, we can continue to make our community a safe and comfortable place to live and work.  More Information

Domestic Violence

The West Jordan Police Department works with victims of all types of crisis and disasters, including domestic violence, through the city's Victim Assistance program, which is under the City Attorney's Office. Crisis counseling is available in some circumstances.