Citizen Comment, Compliment, or Complaint Form

The West Jordan Police Department welcomes all feedback including criticism or complaints from anyone we come in contact with. It is our desire to maintain a positive and cooperative relationship with the community while effectively enforcing the law. 

We fully realize that our involvement in complex and often emotionally charged situations may not always result in a level of performance you, the citizen, have grown to expect. For this reason, the Police Department has a well-defined procedure for assisting those who wish to voice their grievances against our operations, policies, or employee conduct.

All investigations are thorough, objective, and are aimed at maintaining public confidence and departmental integrity. The goal is neither to condemn nor to exonerate, but rather to identify and evaluate all the facts surrounding the incident in question.

Thank you.
West Jordan Police Department Administration

West Jordan Police Chief

Ken Wallentine
Police Chief

West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan police vehicle