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Take Home Vehicle

All Officers are allowed a take home vehicle if their residence is within 50 miles from the border of West Jordan City.

All Uniforms & Equipment Provided

Dry cleaning and equipment cleaning provided.


The West Jordan Police Department accepts applications for Police Officers through a continuous hiring announcement issued through West Jordan City Human Resources. Applicants who successfully complete the initial application will receive notification when the next step in the hiring process is scheduled.  Scheduling of the physical fitness and written examination for Non-Certified candidates will be done on an “as needed” basis.

Applicants are divided into four groups: Non-Certified, SFO/BCO, Certifiable/Currently Attending, and Certified/Law Enforcement Experienced. Applicants who successfully complete the initial application will receive notification when the next step in the hiring process is scheduled.



This program allows Officers with at least 5 years of experience (1 with WJPD) and select training to promote to a higher grade of Officer within the pay scale. This is a career track for those that intend to be the most highly trained, experienced, and dependable Officers.

  • Senior Officer Pay starts from $27.49 / hour ($57,179 / year)

  • The entire pay scale can be found Here



1 for 1 service credit for previous law enforcement experience.

  • Employees receive a lump sum of 80 PTO hours every November after they have completed probation.

  • PTO Accruals:

    • 0 - 4 years                4.00 hours per pay period or 13 days per year

    • 4 plus - 9 years        4.92 hours per pay period or 16 days per year

    • 9 plus - 14 years      5.85 hours per pay period or 19 days per year

    • 14 plus - 20 years    6.46 hours per pay period or 21 days per year

    • 20 plus years           7.69 hours per pay period or 25 days per year

  • 96 hours of sick leave per year and 24 hours for personal leave



All Police Department personnel are granted 112 holiday hours on January 1st of each year.



  • Health Insurance 

  • Dental 

  • Vision

  • Mental Health: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • HSA: $1150 per year/per family, match of $750

  • Foreign language proficiency pay


  • Retirement is through Utah Retirement Systems (URS)





  • Non-Certified Candidates: Are those individuals who have not attended POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) or an equivalent police academy. This category typically includes Correctional Officers and those with only SFO (Special Functions Officer) certification.

  • SFO/BCO Candidates: This category includes Correctional Officers and those with SFO (Special Functions Officer) & BCO (Basic Correctional Officer) certifications.

  • Certifiable Candidates: Are those individuals who are currently attending a POST certified academy or have successfully graduated POST or an equivalent police academy (Category 1 Peace Officer certification from another state) but do not have any law enforcement experience. 

  • Certified Candidates: Are those individuals who have successfully completed the police academy and have police officer experience with a state or local law enforcement agency or department. This may include those that have worked as an Agent with AP&P (Adult Probation and Parole) in a position that requires LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) certification. This category is also frequently referred to as Lateral Candidates.




Preference is given to applicants for the following:

  • Military experience

  • College degrees from regionally accredited universities

  • Foreign language proficiency




All applicants must complete the hiring process in order to receive a final offer of employment. If selected for hire by the Chief, the candidate will receive a conditional offer of employment and must pass a Truth Verification Analysis, Psychological Evaluation, and Medical Evaluation to receive a final offer of employment. If a non-certified candidate is hired, they will be sent through the POST academy by the department and will receive all benefits afforded a full-time police officer of West Jordan.

Certifiable and Certified/Lateral applicants DO NOT have to complete a Physical Fitness Test or Written Examination.






  • Application – All applications must be filled out correctly and include the required attachments

  • Utah National Peace Officer Selection Test (Utah N.P.O.S.T.) required for non LEO certified police recruits - Testing details HERE

  • Personal Background Investigation - First Review

  • Physical Fitness Test/Requirements HERE – (Non-Certified ONLY)​

  • Preliminary Panel Interview - (Non-Certified & Certifiable/Currently Attending ONLY)

  • Personal Background Investigation - Full Investigation

  • Chief of Police Panel Interview

  • Conditional Offer of Employment

  • CVSA, Psychological Examination, & Medical Examination

  • Final Offer



Candidates who pass these examinations will be subject to hiring at the discretion of the Chief of Police, in accordance with Human Resources.

Employment Questions
(This is for employment questions only. For emergencies call 911 or contact dispatch to report a crime at 801-840-4000).